Parrot 4.11 Development changelog


  • Core
  • Update xfce4 to version 4.16

  • Decrease panel size to 29

  • Add xfce4-task-manager and xfce4-systemload-plugin

  • Fix workspace name language issue

  • Change desktop background to /usr/share/backgrounds/macaw-poly.jpg (background was in /usr/share/images which has very low quality image)

  • Exclude default xfce launchers in menu (parrot-menu)

  • Disable scroll on desktop (background) switches space. Scroll still works when users move cursor on workspace applet

  • Top panel:
  • Remove launchers: encryptpad, vscode, remmina

  • Remove weather plugin, power manager plugin

  • Remove (move to bottom panel): notification area plugin, clock, notification plugin

  • Add systemload plugin (disabled Uptime monitor)

  • Add workspace switcher (move from bottom panel)

  • Change name of application menu from “Menu” to “Applications”

  • Remove a sperator object

  • Bottom panel:
  • mousepad, anonsurf-gtk, vscodium, remmina, htop to favrites in whisker menu (encryptpad is having issue)

  • Enable show button name of whisker menu, use “Menu” name for it

  • Disable frame of notification area

  • Remove workspace switcher (move to top panel)

  • Added notification plugin, power plugin, pulseaudio plugin, notification area, clock

  • Use custom format for clock “%H:%M, %a %d-%b”

  • Window manager: Remove “shape” icon

  • Startup:

  • Enable gnome-keyring to startup (testing)

  • Enable: Launch Gnome servies on startup and Launch KDE services on startup

  • Terminal:
  • Change cursor to underline

  • Text color to 00ff00 (green)

  • Disable “display menubar” (users can still show by right click or use f10)

  • Display background to none

  • Disable middle mouse close tab

  • Disable unsafe paste warn

  • Add unlimited scroll back

  • Hotkey:
  • add alt + print for capture actived window’s screenshot

  • add Shift + Print for select region screenshot

  • Font:
  • added cantarell (as same as mate) and use it officially

  • use font size 11 (old: 10) for all settings

  • Screensaver: Enable Inhibit screensaver for fullscreen applications: This option will disable screenlock when any app is using full screen mode


  • Fixed many bugs

  • New rewrite dnstool with new syntax

  • Add color markup for details widget

  • Support custom dnsport from torrc.base

  • Restore normal title bar, remove custom title bar which can’t move window

  • New cli client in Nim lang

  • anonsurf now has 3 packages: anonsurf (core), anonsurf-cli (cli client + launchers), anonsurf-gtk (gtk client + launcher).

  • Add new iptables rules that drops inbound traffics.

  • ** Important note 1 ** No need to start anonsurf cli as root. AnonSurf now uses gksudo to ask root permission to start system service.

  • ** Important note 2 ** Kill apps sometimes show error while killing apps. The reason is bleachbit sometimes returns error code (subprocess). It is normal.

Full changelog during development process can be found at AnonSurf 3.0 change and roadmap - #27 by dmknght


  • Add fish shell and zsh shell config
  • Add plugin zsh-autocomplete (not on repo right now)
  • Add support for zsh with basic prompt, settings for autocomplete

Parrot menu

  • Remove launcher of removed packages (more than 100 launchers)

  • Add launchers for some pentest tools

  • Add a patch for xfce 16 applications menu layout

Parrot updater (Not on repo right now. Source code is on gitlab)

  • New updater: The update now compare date of local index file and mirror which has massive fast speed compare to old version

Pompem: patch from Parrot team to fix issue of down services and update for new wpvulndb server

routersploit: fixed many bugs to make it work on Parrot + python3.9 (might not on repository right now but source code is on our gitlab)

xspy: disable executable permission on host machine

Known problem

  • Mate hotkey of terminal
  • Redshift
  • Missing anonsurf-cli from beta build (only gtk)

Encryptpad is working again. We are updating the package to repo very soon

A small trick to check if command is available before execute it. No forcing use type password for nothing (for any command that uses root permission).

Gui notification for menuexecg

Custom ls

New changelog for XFCE

  • Added mugshot and menulibre
  • Enable AA for font
  • Whisker menu display tree instead of icons

Encryptpad is back on ParrotOS

Update for the hotkey problem of terminal on mate: The hotkey is always Alt + T. The problem could be kde and mate shares same location of keyboard shortcuts in dconf → problem happens.
This is an issue that we can’t fix right now. We’ll try researching alternative method for the dconf later.

new tool gdb-gef was added. mimipenguin is going to be added as well.
We removed some packages from default isntalled tools like webscarab.
zaproxy will have dark theme by default.
zsh-support is added with amazing plugin zsh-autocomplete
GDB-GEF screenshot

New update: some packages were removed in security editions:

  • atftpd
  • axel
  • cgdb
  • cgpt
  • curlftpfs
  • dotdotpwn
  • exe2hexbat
  • expect
  • freeradius
  • ftp
  • httprint
  • httrack
  • ident-user-enum
  • ifenslave
  • jsq (new name is jsql-injection. This is just remove dummy package name)
  • kayak
  • memdump
  • ncurses-hexedit
  • netwag
  • netwax
  • nipper-ng
  • oclgausscrack
  • python-faraday (dummy package name remove)
  • suckless-tools
  • teamsploit
  • termineter
  • tftp
  • tnscmd10g
  • uniscan
  • vboot-utils
  • webscarab
  • xtightvncviewer
    Parrot-meta-* changed name to parrot-tools-*

Zaproxy now has default dark theme


Users can use tab to select text for completions