Parrot 4.2 Development Discussions

Parrot 4.2 is ready and the first beta images are available for beta testers

let’s start this topic to collect the latest suggestions for this new release.


this topic is not the proper place where to report bugs, and the beta testers have their own topic where to report parrot 4.2 bugs.

we are not going to implement suggestions that involve drastic system changes in any way, but we are open to listen to your opinions and ideas.

Parrot 4.2 beta testers program
beta testers are invited to read this topic

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the second beta images can be downloaded from

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Parrot Servers Infrastructure

The Parrot wiki is outdated, the blog is not properly maintained, we don’t have a federated authentication system and many services needed by our developers just don’t exist. Why? Mostly because the servers we currently have are extremely undersized for our needs, and the donations we receive are pretty far from being enough to properly sustain the new infrastructure we planned.

first step
we already have some spare servers where to migrate (and upgrade) part of the infrastructure. Now we need to install them in a reliable datacenter, If you know someone disposed to host our servers in a proper server farm, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
This is crucial for our future.

Second step
Both the servers we already have and those we need to install (read the section above) are not enough to support the whole infrastructure, and we may need other physical and virtual servers where to host the rest of our infrastructure and make it scalable and resilient.
As said above, if you can donate servers and colocation services to the project, please contact us.

third step
With the proper physical infrastructure, we can start deploying all the services we currently don’t have, and start making better what we already have.
We need people to help us writing a better documentation, translating it and maintaining it over time, and help us with a lot of other important tasks.
Stay tuned for new contribution opportunities.

ARM status in Parrot

Parrot for ARM has an excellent repository support, and every package in parrot is automatically built for armhf and arm64 by our official Parrot Build infrastructure.
Then what’s wrong with Parrot for ARM?

Mainly our ARM team, which was unable to build specific images for the various ARM boards.
For this reason i would like to personally take care of the entire build process of the ARM images for the various boards and not only release new updated files, but also keep them updated over time and align the ARM releases to the x86 releases.

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we have to fix the keepassxc firejail profile before the final release!

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i think we are almost ready to build the final release

there is a big upgrade imported from debian that may force us to re-do all the tests, but if they didn’t break anything, i think parrot 4.2 can be just compiled and released without other delays

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i’m working to upgrade linux 4.17.8 to linux 4.17.17

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we should also update armitage to fix the unrecognized RHOSTS parameter bug

Hi! I suggest you guys create a .vimrc file at $HOME for increase vim experience by default

syntax on
set tabstop=3
set nu
set ruler
set mouse=a
set listchars=tab:\|\ 
set list

it should look like this

I’ve found Vega in Parrot 4.2 beta 2 (live mode). And i think it should be removed (It is still there actually). I’m not sure this is a bug so i decided post it here.

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thank you for your repot , if you see another bug or error tell us

i can do that, the involved package is parrot-skel

feel free to do a pull request to the package to get all the credits for the tip, otherwise i’ll do that as soon as possible

yes, the latest commit to parrot-build forces the vega removal in case of accidental inclusion, but i’m up to remove it from the repository too

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Is Vega no longer supported?

vega is no longer supported by its developers

i included .vimrc and .emacs config files by default in parrot-skel

arduino now works without sandbox bugs

keepasscx works again

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linux 4.17.17 released

do you have an ETA on how long until 4.2 final will be available to download ?

i hope to release the final images for monday, but it strictly depends on how long we take to spot the bugs, fix them , test the updates and rebuild the images

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root@jzt:~# dpkg -l wifite
| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend
|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name Version Architecture Description
ii wifite 2.1.6-1 all Python script to automate wireles…

Can we get the latest version of WIFITE? For example, on the version in the 4.1 ISO the WIFITE WPS attack does not preform as expected, however it works correctly in this version above.

Also, regarding MITMF, it does not run the screenshot plugin correctly, I feel that this is an issue with Parrot rather than with the tool itself, as on Kali, BlackArch, and Backbox, ‘mitmf’ preforms the screenshot plugin correctly, however on Parrot as of 4.1 ISO, it does not.

wifite is maintained directly in debian.
if the wifite package does not work as expected, you should open a bug in debian

parrot 4.2 includes wifite 2.2

new updated (and mostly fixed) beta images are now available for x86 32bit too