Parrot 4.3 development discussions

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #1

The Parrot Release Team would love to read your suggestions and ideas for Parrot 4.3.


This topic is not the proper place where to report bugs. Please open a dedicated topic to make a bug report.

We are not going to implement suggestions that involve drastic system changes at the moment, but we are open to listen to your opinions and ideas.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #2

We plan to release Parrot 4.3 within the end of October


First - thanks for a great distro!

I know I am still a noob to ParrotOS, but I would love to see an app like TimeShift as part of the package for those of us that manage to break things or decide to try some “tinkering”.

The only other I can think of so far would be an easier way to add/create virtual machines. (might well be my own issues though).


i dont understand why upgrade and upgrade so quckly?? i love this distro but i start to lose my faith with this management… when we ask to donate money/time we have no “return”


can you guys thefatrat?

(Manuel Hernandez) #6

:small_orange_diamond: Package Suggestion

Every time I install TFR I found that it imports SearchSploit from an external Kali repository, so why we don’t have that package in our own one? I mean, we have already imported some other ones, like Sandi for example.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #7

we have searchsploit on our repo

the problem is that the developers of thefatrat hardcoded that shit on their code, so you should manually bypass their installation procedure

(Nico Paul) #8

I will happily take a distro that is well maintained and updated over one that restricts me to outdated toolsets or even worse one that leaves me with issues/bugs I am unwilling/incapable of “fixing” every moment I might need to. I love that not only does it start to actually force me to familiarize myself with how it works and what modules depend/inherit from others, but I also really love that not much longer than a week might go by before the current bug is fixed with a fresh build. Thank you to everyone who has helped and continues to create/nurture such an interesting community and OS.

(John Taylor) #9

I would like to see a colour changer if possible I’m get tired of just black maybe white ?

(Nico Paul) #10

There are actually a few different ways you can configure the appearance of the desktop environment, windows, and pretty much anything else you could want (you can tweak the terminal and create a pretty awesome themes from the edit tab within terminal itself) and most of them can be found under the system drawer menu that is at the top of the screen by default.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #11

we provide white variants for all the dark themes, just change theme from the mate appearence settings

(dmknght) #12

I’d suggest:

  1. Update tools and packages.( I know it is hard because a pentesting distro has thousands tool). For example: python-shodan is out of date ( it is 1.7.1 on Parrot repo and pip repo is having 1.10.0, and python-shodan won’t give me shodan command from terminal).
  2. Firejail profile must be check carefully too. Latest version won’t let me use atril document. Virtualbox firejail is disabling host-only network and i must set --noprofile in menu.
  3. Remove paros and webscarab? In my opinion, they are super out of date, and we already have Burp Suite and Zap Proxy.
  4. Including radare2-cutter and immunity debugger, remove ollydgb? Because ollydbg is out of date, and I think immunity debugger is really good. About radare2-cutter, it is a good GUI dissembler for Linux - and Parrot has radare2 as a TUI dissembler.
  5. Including CFR Java decompiler, remove jad. A newer and better tool (in my opinion)
  6. Adding penda or gef plugin for gdb by default (as i know, Kali has included penda as gdb-penda
    I think new tools will make Parrot much more easier to work without spending time for installing new tools and remove out of date stuffs.


I am using Parrot 4.2.2 Home and I I find it to be a very good Distro. Keep up the great work.


I would suggest that ,
There should be an inbuilt wine support,means pre-configured wine in parrot os.

(Mohammed Al Amin) #15

I agree with @dmknght for his good suggestions, and also consider to fix Tor and AnonSurf continuous problems.
Also, You can make conky and conky manger installed by default on the next release.

For me I’d suggest :

  1. Adding some useful system restore tools such like Timeshift ( which creates filesystem snapshots using rsync+hardlinks, or BTRFS snapshots.
  2. Adding a separated section for OSINT Tools such like :
  1. Adding a separated section for Phishing Frameworks such like :

That’s what is on my mind for now.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

(Nico Paul) #16

Time shift for sure although breaking and reinstalling has been invaluable for me in learning the ins and outs (at least some of the main points) of Parrot! I think we should group phishing with social engineering; I agree absolutely it deserves it’s own group with a little more attention.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #17

we included some nodejs and npm patches

we fixed a bug in parrot-menu as it was not handling dynamic submenus properly (i.e. the wine menu)

we included the (relatively) new enlightenment 0.22 desktop environment (previously known as e17)


Just an FYI point on using Bittorrent…

" if you want your Bittorrent client to actually provide privacy when using a proxy, you need to get the application and protocol developers to fix their applications and protocols. Tor can’t keep you safe if your applications leak your identity."


Now TBH I am not aware of any bittorrent client that is actually secure – if any of you out there does, please share.


@rl1k you want a newely released OS not get get frequent and constant updates?? well that’s not gonna happen, plus it’s natural.

you should have greater faith in parrot :wink:

(rahul joshi) #20

parrot os 4 all version login loop error
I am usig AMD Athlon ™ x2 250 professor
old hybrid amd cpu Nvidia
last bast vesion parrot os is 3.7