Parrot 4.3 development discussions

(Ja Roslaw) #21

Try distro for old computers. Archlinux, maybe MX Linux will be ok 4U.


Totally agree excpet for jad personnally but thats an old habits to use it :stuck_out_tongue:


yep we are all agree with that but the distro have some problem like tor, nvidia and others redundant for a lot of users, and must fix that beofre always upgrading and not updating :stuck_out_tongue:

(dmknght) #24

I am not sure about replacing JAD by CFR because i don’t have much Java experience. I used JAD and CFR for decompiling Cobalt Strike only. And CFR supports newer java file version.
p/s: I strongly recommend radare2-cutter because Parrot is having radare2 as dissembler only (as I know) and it is not very easy to use.
@dpentest idea about conky sounds good: open a menu, and choose conky theme (kinda like choosing background) and boom, new conky configuration. But I think this feature will take a lot of work and i don’t think it is worthy: Parrot Team is lack of donation and there are too many works todo.

(rahul joshi) #25

old parrot os version + all New tool = bast os
for old pc

(Gianluca) #26

As a Pentester, the only thing which is missing for me is a tool to edit my screenshots which i will use in my reports. At the moment I’m using xpaint, but it would be nice to have one tool preinstalled.

(Matt) #27

Have you tried ImageMagick
That is preinstalled


LoJax UEFI Rootkit

maybe you could add that package on the next release. It will help in the penetration testing and full (complete) versions of the distro.

Is it possible?


##And something more…

Furthermore add an option for a distro with apache instead of nginx. This is because some pen testers don’t know how to configure nginx or do not have time to learn that.
I know there are vulnerabilities with apache so maybe you should reject that option. Except if you can make patches manually.

Thanks a lot


@palinuro @mibofra This is critical :
New kernel bug :
Linux just anounced a new critical bug fix in the kernel version 3.16 through 4.18.8.

So please include that fix, which is supposed to be delivered in 1st of October.

:slight_smile: Thanks
All the Parrot Linux Pen Testers

(Keyboard) #31

I would personally do this now in the security version:

Delete all the office software and instead add links to office online or alternative libre office or add a link to a script to automatically download and install all this office software which in most cases are not really used. The accounting software maybe it has some use, although is not that important and the mind mapping tool seems also something most people would not ever use really. (to note: keepnote and atril document viewer, those are good enough and should remain)
Delete all car hacking tools and instead add a link to a script to automatically download and install them. Most people won´t use car hacking tools for obvious reasons. Too high tech for most people.
Delete redshift. Most people don´t really need it specially those using Parrot Security in vmware or oracle box.
Delete Zeal. Most people don´t need this documentation tool.
Alternatively, add a script to automatically download and install all this tools so people know they are worth checking them.

I would also change the current gui for xfce but it´s so easy to change it, it does not even matter, although most newbies trying a pentesting distro probably would have a better experience with xfce as it consumes less ram and less gfx power.

I think in the last version the screenshoter was deleted/notadded. Add it back. Or rather, tell people in a note file in the desktop that image magick can take screenshots by typing "import <nameofnewscreen.png>. Just a guess.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #32

we will release the update as soon as possible, but we need it to become available in debian first

(rahul joshi) #33

please fix this error
do_IQR: 0.55 NO irq handler for vector
login loop


I do not entirely agree with the mentioned deletions -

Since I and many others use ParrotOS as a daily OS, I personally find it useful for reports, cover letters and such to have libre office. Additionally since it is my base OS, and I do a lot of work “after hours” I use redshift - I wish it did not require the geolocation access however.

I agree with the lack of use of Zeal, and providing links to apps that are proven workable on ParrotOS as well as the change to xfce as the base GUI as it is cleaner and faster.

  • again, just a personal opinion


Personally, I find the pre-installed office suite to be a good thing. It is one of the many reasons I use a Parrot LiveUSB rather than say, Kali.

For example, say pentester needed to use a live-boot only method. The preinstalled LibreOffice suite would be useful in the event of no network access. This can also be applied to people using Parrot to repair a Windows machine, something I’ve done before.

Also, I like that MATE is light yet modern. Yes, XFCE is nice, but it lacks features that MATE has by default.

Personally, I would leave everything as-is. Keep the car-hacking tools, keep the MATE DE, because when you change too much, you risk alienating users. Many of them, like me, came to Parrot from Kali because it can be used as a general-purpose OS, which means the inclusion of an Office suite.

(dmknght) #37

This is a good idea. We need simple image editor. I think image tricks is not good enough, and gimp is too heavy and too complicated to view.
p/s: If you have to cut your screenshot only, you can simply capture an area by using shift + prntsrc.

(rahul joshi) #38

try to parrot os more stable for nvidia & amd etc
like black box os

(Keyboard) #39

Well I understand others may not agree but it is a pentesting distro, oracle box can provide those functions (libre office) or a simple usb with some very small linux; it´s also more secure to do this way and if you use a vm then you can back up all your documents into it as well in case any bug or malware breaks havoc upon your system.
I would even go as far as to consider to divide the distro into two and delete the wireless testing in one of those editions, so as to leave it with less bundling (i.e. if you are in a desktop computer through ethernet there is not much point in using aircrack-ng etc).
/me shrugs


or in other words make a “Laptop” and a “Desktop” version?!

(Keyboard) #41

Yes, for example, as you say.