Parrot 4.3 development discussions

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #43

please stop discussing general things here.

this place is meant to be used by parrot developers and contributors to discuss about the actual parrot 4.3 development

no strange wishlists

no random feedbacks not useful for developers

no personal opinions about how pentest distros should be


no nonsense

developers need to work on real things, and this thread is dedicated to them.
commentators and not-contributing people are not welcome here


(Gianluca) #47

yeah, thats my problem too, image tricks is really not good enough, I mean it was just a suggestion to the developer, but I can install everytime xpaint manually too.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #48

when you install a new application via snap, it does not appear in the mate menu and it does not seem to be reachable via PATH

we should fix it in the new release


Vokoscreen issue:

Need to set the recorder setting to /usr/bin/ffmpeg
Without this, vokoscreen can’t start the record

(dmknght) #50

Please check default startup services and applications as well. Live mode boosts very fast, but install version doesn’t sometimes. And somehow it installed i don’t know what to call services (For example: that phptimer session in 4.2 was a nightmare)

(Dale Arends) #51

I’d really like to have a way to right-click on files and have a “Send to” or “Copy to” whichever USB drive or SD card or even writable CD/DVD available on the system. Other distros have had those simple features for a really long time and Parrot still doesn’t. Also, I don’t know how to install Etcher in parrot and have to use an Ubuntu distro to use that. So if they could somehow make it compatible, that’d be awesome.
Thank you for your time and the hard work you do in making such a low resource, solid, secure and up-to-date distro. :-):star_struck:

(dmknght) #52

I think that is Desktop Environment job.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #53

Join the Parrot 4.3 beta tester program


Hello! I would like to replace parrot anonsuf module with anonym8 becuase it works better

parrotSecOS big fan <3 <3 <3


Sorry For Spamming 3 times, I never noticed I had to be aproved by moderator

(Nico Paul) #56

you will be hard pressed to find someone who beleives anonym8 is supurior or comprable to anonsurf, at least here, what are you reasonings?


becuase it has more features like privoxy, i2p and automated ram cleaning along with a WORKING macchanger module

(Nico Paul) #58

right on, i prefer to configure my macchanger at the interface level so before i start or stop a service (you cant be joe shmoe only some of the time or it signifies that it changes and is not burned in permanent. i dont really know much differences in the cleaning of caches, but i2p is just a separate package so thats a valid point


┌─[[email protected]]─[~]
└──╼ $anonsurf mymac
/usr/bin/anonsurf: line 267: mac: command not found


┌─[[email protected]]─[/home/user]
└──╼ #anonsurf mymac
/usr/bin/anonsurf: line 267: mac: command not found

seem to work

(Nico Paul) #60

why not just use the macchanger package and configure it permantly?


true, but it’s still a bug and considering the fact that the anonsurf module used to be quite good back in the early distributions of parrot and it lacks features like i2p, privoxy and pandora along with arm and automatic anON and anOFF protection …


redshift helps your eyes bro, it’s usefull when your programming for 5 hours straight …

(Nico Paul) #63

youre absolutely correct, its a bug that needs fixed or removed if its not a feature. i like to see how people configure their services as their “best practices” in order to improve mine. <3 redshift<3


thanks bro! :smiley:


Maybe You guys know or heared about the new BEAST and various TLS and SSL exploits?
Please Make Sure The ParrotSec OS FireFox Module is upgraded to it’s latest since it may be hackable…