Parrot 4.4 Development Discussions

The Parrot Release Team would love to read your suggestions and ideas for Parrot 4.4.


This topic is not the proper place where to report bugs. Please open a dedicated topic to make a bug report.

We are not going to implement suggestions that involve drastic system changes at the moment, but we are open to listen to your opinions and ideas.

I have an issue with Debian Testing in that some of the applications that I need, “GNUCASH” are not available. Has any consideration been gived to build Parrot on Debian Stable?

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Please consider including Bitmask in 4.4 :slight_smile:

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Why not add Nyx ( ) to monitoring tor connection ( include in buster : )

gnucash was recently dropped from debian testing due to some bugs and it will not come back until these bugs are fixed

meanwhile you can install gnucash from snap

sudo snap install gnucash-jz

it is not in debian by default, and we need to understand why and if we can maintain it in our repo

i don’t think its inclusion is going to happen in parrot 4.4, but i’ll keep an eye on it

added it right now :slight_smile:


Parrot 4.4 will feature vscodium instead of atom

Atom became too heavy (up to 800mb for the base install) and it is impossible for us to maintain it in a debian compliant way.
Visual Studio Code in the other side is a proprietary software controlled by Microsoft with unwanted branding and telemetry features we don’t want to ship in parrot (visual studio code is not vscode!)

VSCodium was the turnkey solution for us because it provides quality binaries of the VSCode opensource core without custom Microsoft packages and it is very fast, handful and lightweight compared to the current Atom implementation we ship.

We will keep Atom in our repo for all our users who need it, but we are going to use VSCodium as our default advanced editor.


thank you so much for your efforts … there is two problems

first … there is a problem with hibernation … i hibernated my linux and ther it never opened again so i was forced to install a new version from my bootable usb … thats first

second that sometimes when i open my system and enter the login page credentials after that the background opens and its empty … there is no pannels or desktop icons !!! … it happens until i use
shift + alt + control to reset the SMC (system management controller) in my macbook !!!

Yes you will enjoy the planned LTS parrot version you can read about it on the 4.3.3 release notes :slight_smile:

Is there anything available similar to Intermapper or Net-Probe without the 8-10 device or node limitations?

Thanks for the info. I did install the snap version of gnucash and it said it was installed but I can’t find it to execute. How do I execute it? Never installed a snap program before.

it is not a parrot bug, it is a hardware compatibility bug with the linux kernel or debian itself and we have no idea of how to fix it

remember that we are just a debian derivative

i just created the parrot-privacy metapackage

a minor kernel update is being compiled right now and it will be delivered very soon

i improved the kde settings and we are waiting the next beta build to see how it looks

all the parrot core packages were updated for the 4.4 release


sanp very good program to manage all app without error

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I installed gnucash with snap but having trouble trying to exicute it. When I type snap run gnucash I get the following error “error: cannot find current revision for snap gnucash: readlink /snap/gnucash/current: no such file or directory”
I have never used snap before so have no idea what to do next.

the snap is called gnucash-jz, so you have to pass the full snap name

snap run gnucash-jz

anyways it is the parrot 4.4 development discussions thread and your gnucash case is completely out of topic here

i strongly suggest you to create a new dedicated topic in the support section

if you open a new dedicated topic in the proper section we have better chances to help you, give you detailed information on how to setup snap applications properly and help other people with your issue

feel free to tag me once you open the support topic :slight_smile:

Please post this in the appropriate section, (not support or beta dev) The goal of having a separate beta thread is to alloiw the team to hvae everything in one place without a bunch of crap or unrelated stuff all jumbled in, having not only the post itself but posts explaining why you shouldnt post that here only makesn their lives more difficult.


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I really hope Parrot will have other DE version edition. I’ve installed Cinnamon and everything is awesome: Menus, applets run smoothly (better than mate, mate still has small delay on my machine); it has awesome sticky note add-on, very good designed-interface. I don’t know about other DE but I think Cinnamon deserve a “Parrot-4.4-Cinnamon.iso”.
p/s: i will find way to export my settings to Parrot gitlab.

there is no current plan to offer a cinnamon derivative, but it does not mean that you can’t work on it amd help us maintaining it :slight_smile:
anyways i am working to the kde derivative which is almost ready. we released an experimental kde version in parrot 4.3, and it is going to become a stable product with parrot 4.4