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(ConnectionistSystems) #65


Yes I found it now thank you. Same result as with MATE though. No upper and lower menus on other monitors.

(Nico Paul) #66

do they need resolution adjustments? are they odd sizes? I know there is a bug with recognizing dual monitors but I havent experienced it myself so I cant speak on its causes or solution besides checking the resolution

(ConnectionistSystems) #67

The menu bars just don’t show up no matter what. I haven’t noticed when changing resolution they sometimes they disappear and that is one the primary laptop monitor. But if they were never there, then they never show up. I never seen bar menus on a 2nd or 3rd monitor no matter what the resolution is.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #68

this is an old development discussion thread you should open a dedicated topic to report specific issues

(Nico Paul) #69