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The Parrot Release Team would love to read your suggestions and ideas for Parrot 4.4.


This topic is not the proper place where to report bugs. Please open a dedicated topic to make a bug report.

We are not going to implement suggestions that involve drastic system changes at the moment, but we are open to listen to your opinions and ideas.

  1. Blessing Module Not Installed Default [ Python ]
  2. I Not Know Why But When I Run ARP-Spoof Attack It’s Not Working
    So My Suggestion Is in 4.4 Blessing Module Added
    And Yes Most Cool Thing Add AI For Operate Linux
    I Want To Create phprev shell , So It’s Auto Create it
    Like OK Let me describe more

Suppose I Want To Change Wallpaper
So I Just Open Terminal And Type toolname
And Give Me Output That Selection Option
[1] Anonsurf
[2] Change Wallpaper
[3] Ifconfig
[4] Wan IP
[5] Payload Generator #this Part open New Script
- Android. | 4444
- Php/rev. | 4545
- Windows | 7878
So I Just Press One Number And My Work Get Much Fast And Less Boring

I Created This Type Script But Problem Occurs Like
For opening Firefox or Other Some Part Need to Run Script As Non-root User
And Some like Metasploit Need To Run As Root

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what you are asking for is a very very complex automation program that automatically needs to adapt itself to the installed packages, and it needs to wrap all of them

i don’t think we are ready to develop something like that at the moment

Sorry My Explain Mistake
i Am Talking Like This


This Type If ParrotSec Create ; Lazy People Like Me Get Easy

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ok your idea is probably simpler than mine.

if we have to develop a software like yours, i want it to have a good tool coverage and many important features perfectly integrated with the system

OK Boss , Just Explain
What You Want

Oprate Tools That Most Used ?
Or Just Describes Sir

Which Important features


I will check my Cyan color version of Icy Dark and push it to Parrot gitlab. Hope it will be added if people love it
p/s: current Icy-cyan version (i deleted old files - sad :’( )
p/s2: selected background tab is hard to view and some fields are not modified. I can keep continuing if this theme is allowed :smiley:



awesome job, keep rockin’

even if the experiment fails, you are going to learn how to create/maintain gtk themes in any case. this is a win-win job :slight_smile:


I’ve created a repository here. The theme basically works but it still has many things to be completed.


I suggest adding wipe as secure file delete to parrot-privacy.


this is what beastmode in Parrot looks like. #Teamwork #SquakinSuccess (kinda parrot-ey)

There is shred pre-installed already. I assume they work similarly.

On the topic of secure deletion. Correct me if i am wrong.

If we are using COW based filesystems as default from 4.4 onward. Tools like shred, bleachbit and i assume wipe, become unreliable if not useless at ‘securely’ removing files.

Is this a problem?
Should users be made aware on installation? Or maybe in the install documentation?

Obviously if you have sensitive data, you should have it inside an encrypted volume. Is the solution just to use encryption?.

we have to test it, i believe btrfs should not fragment write operations by default unless snapshots, subvolumes or deduplicated extents are around, otherwise it is necessary to add the nodatacow mpunt option to enforce this behavior

i am currently studying how to add new mount options and set them as default in d-i partman-btrfs

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i found this interesting answer on stackexchange

i’ll post a screenshot of the picture as well in case the original source is deleted

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full disk encryption is always the best solution


As I understand, this is a hard problem. We are having anonsurf to protect our outbound side, we are having firejail to protect our runtime side, so deleting (maybe anti-forensic?) must be be upgraded as well. I really hope we have a solution to remove our data securely.

Hi everyone. Is there any good network draw network diagram on the repo? Because i suggest include it by default as education, parrot-reporting and parrot-information-gathering.

  • For normal users: Learning / Working with network diagrams
  • For pentesters: Drawing target network, creating reports.
    By now Parrot is having Maltego but this tool is very limited.

check ip not working. remove google capcha from for fuck`s sake!

It doesnt use a captcha.
You are probably getting it because you are using a VPN and google doesnt like the IP.

My suggestion is removing Mozilla Firefox. It’s taking way too much resources.

I tried to make Brave Browser to work but unfortunately I got many errors and didn’t let me install it. I would highly suggest it as it has build in adblock and blocks trackers.

Right now I have Google Chrome with same extensions as with Mozilla Firefox came with. With Google Chrome I have almost 40% less used resources than with Mozilla Firefox.