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personally, I pefer to avoid all things google about as much as MS…so Chrome is a no-go for me.


It’s a very bad suggestion for security os like this. FF is most configurable browser thru about:config of all of them. You heretic!

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #23

you can install gns3 from the repo

few ideas for the future that everyone can easily contribute to

  1. refactor the parrot-tools-* metapackages, they are a fucking mess and it is pretty hard to understand and even maintain them

  2. make a parrot-developers metapackage to handle all the dev things (compilers, editors, dev helpers etc)

  3. make other useful metapackages to install useful and common stacks. education metapackages are welcome too

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #24

we have to find a way to fix it

captcha appears when people reach the address from an insecure ip address, and we are out of page rules on cloudflare

maybe we should move it to a new domain, like or

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #25

important question:

should we drop i386 builds?

nowadays very old computers support x86_64 (amd64) architecture, while the existing computer that only support x86_32 (i386) are so old and so shitty that they can’t even run parrot on it

almost every computer running parrot i386 is actually capable of running parrot amd64, and i don’t know anyone who is actually using 32bit only x86 processors.

of course i386 architecture will still be available for a long while in our repository for those who need 32bit libraries (for steam, wine32, build tools etc), i am just talking about the kernel and the ISO builds

please help me evaluating this choice

(jarfr the lurker) #26

Yes because , there are 2 weeks cloudfare isn’t friendly with Tor so if it’s possible to past to .io or .sh , that will be better for community .


Have you even had a look at Brave Browser? It’s open source and suits security distro just fine.


Same here. That’s why I suggested Brave browser. I’m using Google Chrome just because it doesn’t let me install Brave and Firefox is just too heavy :confused:


The about:config of Firefox give the illusion of transparency. But if you spend some time studying whats in there you find out that firefox gathers and sends out a huge amount of data. It also re-cashes many of the files that are deleted that contain url links and computer info. I’ve spent 1/2 hour cleaning firefox in windows, only to launch it and see it download almost 100mb of information from Akamai. Close firefox, go back and look, and its all back. Somewhere I have a copy of a Ghacks page that shows you how to stop all this, but it takes me 3 hours to do. We need a new browser, but I don’t know what it would be.


Please Don’t forget hcxtools and hcxdumptools in the distro, thank you very much :smiley:


I only have 2 machines left running 32-bit processors, 1 as an archive file server and 1 as a firewall - honeypot – both running linux, but just special configs…I don’t thing anyone running or looking to run Parrot would still be using 32-bit. JMO


This is getting off-topic…Don’t know about of illusion of transparency but FF IS open source too if you forget and never had problems like u described. And I’m not using windows. Maybe u have problems with Akamai because of addons that u have installed as I seen on Reddit discussion about it. Using with uBlock Origin, Decentraleyes,Canvas Blocker,Cookie Auto Delete,HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript (with “disable restrictions globally” and allow to “Sanitize cross-site suspicious requests” AND HARDENED with

what more do you need?


Brave browser is very good solution out-of-box, but not what I can achieve with about:config. so +1 for FF

(Migui Pda) #34


I join other users recommendation by usng Brave browser (pehaps with Brave snapcraft system could be easier).

Sincerely thank yo.

(Nico Paul) #35

Lorenzo, you make a very very valid point; I have always been wary of limiting hardware usage potential but,
A) if you want to learn bad enough a way will be found to acquire the necessary hardware, its likely its not going to hinder of stifle someone whom may end up being helpful/innovative in the future which has always been a fear of mine
B) as long as it can support i386 packages etc then there probably is a much shorter justification list as opposed to the labor required to accomodate a full i386 only build. I vote to allocate the time to whatever may benefit from that time and labour that previously has been unattainable due to those constraints.

Please limit this to NOT programs and packages that you would like to come installed and configured by default, this is not a browser discussion board; perhaps there is enough conversation to warrant a flatpack/snap discussion area? in any regard, lets try not to pollute these beta dev threads with noise so that the dev team does not have to work harder than necessary to actually include some of the suggestions and needs that are voiced appropriately here.

(dmknght) #37

Is there anything new? I really hope 4.5 version is a privacy protection and performance improvement bomb.

(super_boy) #38

Any idea of palm rejection on laptops? Or is there one already?

(Nico Paul) #39

There may be hope for you to actually support this; heres a link I found while doing a quick search

(Nico Paul) #40

I would say the main aim of palinuros question of i386 was both to devote more time to things like tools and optimization and to clean up the general OS itself to make it easier to maintain and update in the future; I’m not sure what other goodies we have in store for 4.5 yet, but im excited! Don’t forget one of the huge announcements last release was the LTS (more stable, still reasonably updated without creating bugs and breaks) version that is being worked on (not going to be released in 4.5 though I dont think). 4.5 is likely setting the stage for that build to be able to happen in a timely fashion.

(dmknght) #41

1 more idea: if Parrot 4.5 still uses firefox, so i suggest adding User-Agent Switcher plugin by default. Reason: user-agent stores system and browser information and user-agent won’t be changed by anonsurf.