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i’m using the latest home version and neither ufw or gufw is installed (or is it only me?)

@dmknght the problem with subgraphOS’s firewall is that it’s not maintained anymore. as for opensnitch i knew about that one which is great, but like palinuro pointed, it’s not in debian or parrot packages.

(Ahmed Alshemi) #64

Java JDK 11 did not include JavaFX it is not problem in system it is from Oracle itself so can please install JavaFX in next 4.5 update.

(Jonathan) #65

Ufw es buena opción ! Más simple con ejecución silenciosa , pero a parrot le faltan características de seguridad . El sistema no inicia apparmor en live cd , deja muchos trazos y Firefox no corre con firejail , yo tengo en desarrollo un sistema de seguridad , privacidad , , parrot necesita nueva seguridad y nuevas técnicas de hacking algo más fresco como evadir osint etc .

(Nico Paul) #66

That is one of our core beliefs and I agree! Interesting tool, hopefully we will have volunteers for maintainers for these suggestions (Someone said they had interest in the PMKID tools by ZerBea, any word on maintainers to push to parrot?).

(kld) #67

fix desktop Root user and enable copy paste for vmware :slight_smile:


We should remove support for x86_32.

I haven’t check the numbers but why maintain something so old few tools even support 32 it just doesn’t make sense to waste our energy on keeping it around.

(Nico Paul) #69

But what of those that this isnt true for? I think we should remember that standards norms and assumptions/trends are typically pretty different than areas in which we have some of our most active user base, and im nit dure if this is really an argument vs anxiety but ive seen that sometimes the most driven and capable come from having the least. It would really hinder what devices we could be supported on, but also it could save a buttload of time and then some without having to maintain these (Lorenzo did emphasize we need to clean up the crud, no doubt this would be doing a lot of just that). Well, My votes both ways just cancel out so i suppose im not sure which way I lean anymore on this.


even mini computers like Rasperry, Orange or Pine uses amd64 nowadays, and as i said elsewhere, the parrot team put lot of effort in this distro, so the minimum that users should do is upgrading a minimum theirs stuff to keep using it. it’s the progress, one should adapt and keep using it or giving up.

(Nico Paul) #71

I can absolutely agree with that statement


Wiregaurd VPN is best and it’s configuration in parrot is some complicated
I would suggest Wiregaurd VPN should be included inbuilt tool in Parrot 4.5


If you’re talking about Wireguard the VPN application it’s worth adding to the repo for testing purposes but not as the main over OpenVPN.
Per their site:
" WireGuard is not yet complete. You should not rely on this code. It has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing and the protocol is still subject to change."

(Nico Paul) #74

what does wireguard do differently?

(Matt) #75

You can read a few basic pro’s and con’s of different protocols here:

In short: its fast, and has a small code base (less attack surface).

So its promising. But as s1udge say’s, it needs to mature a bit first before it can be “trusted”/ relied upon.

(vladislav) #76

It actually depends only on you. If you have enough resources to support i386 it would be cool from perspective of maintaining all architectures, but I think we really don’t need x32 anymore. NVIDIA stopped support of x32 drivers support which statistically will force windows users to install x64 Windows, and a part of them who will later decide to install Linux will install x64 version (cuz who the hell needs that x32 crap?). Another part which won’t install Windows at all I think is smart enough to install x64 version (ofc if they have more than 2gb of rams, which i think every normal pc has)

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #77

Parrot 4.5 beta images available


Thx for the beta image.
I have a more general request, could you please set the pinctrl-canonlake to “y” in the basic kernel conf ? The i7-8750H is a pretty much common laptop cpu these days and it is a huge performance improvement. Big plus would also be, that support requests regarding touchpads on newer intel laptops should drop significantly.


Is v4.5 no longer support i386 architecture …???


Hello There My friend!,
You completely forgot about the hcxtool and hcxdumptools I wanted to push to the distro. Could You please add them in the next release? It would be very nice of you in doing so. :grin:


It would be great to have “Terminator” remplacing “Mate-terminal”, it has activity and inactivty watcher with notification for DE, terminal screenshot, splitting panes + resizing, zoom, it’s a super terminal and uses as much ressources as mate-terminal. consider it, it’s really worth it for every users.

now some minor things if you think it’s ok would be to add grc (generic colouriser), ranger (midnight commander got removed from parrot), and maybe remplace vi-tiny (home version) and vim (sec version) with neovim ? other than theses minor things and the very important Terminator, i think parrot is great right now ! the coming of VScodium is so good, Atom was too slow and used too much ressources… Qownotes is much better than notekeep and updated. Thunderbird is the shit ! plus it came with enigmail

TL:DR, it would be quite a challenge to make Parrot(both versions) better than what it is right now.

(dmknght) #82

Default terminal comes with DE. Terminator is a 3rd party and you must install it manually. I think there is no reason to change vi / vim to neovim. I agree about keepnote: it is hard to use and super out of date. I think cherrytree is better.