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Terminator is in the debian packages, so it’s possible to bring it easily on Parrot, it’s meant for power users.

The reason about neovim is that, vi-tiny is bugged on home version, always throwing errors when opening files, and is barely usable, and vim well, it does not have a nice config by default, does not support select copy paste with mouse and things like that. but it’s a minor thing

btw i would make the request on the gitlab if i could, but i don’t have permissions to enter the page, dunno why

(Nico Paul) #84

are you building /maintaining these? I thought i remembered someone saying they created a merge request and had written what was needed to have these included by default; Was that you?

(Cyber Pirates) #85


Can you mod arc theme with transparency effect on title bar / window bar …

(dmknght) #86

I afraid I can’t. You can give a try with /usr/share/themes/Arc-Dark/metacity-1.
@hbgjjmya: what kind of error? if you don’t exit vim correctly, vim will not delete .swp file.
p/s: looks like gitlab server was moved to nest server and all of my data on gitlab was lost :joy:


don’t have it installed, it throws a bunch of errors each time before opening a text file (only vim-tiny does that, not vim). also it does not support cursor movement with the keyboard arrows, and many other downside. at least remplacing vim-tiny with vim would be good, if no one want neovim. (vim-tiny is installed only on the home version)

EDIT : i was wrong, vim-tiny is also installed on security version, and it sucks


Yes! I was the one to merge the tools into the repo, I am a big fan of Wireless pentesting <3

(dmknght) #89

I thought vim was installed by default. Vim-tiny is very bad. Maybe remove vim-tiny is a good idea?

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #90

we have to wait the next kernel update for this change to take effect, but we have to implement it!

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #91

i didn’t forgot about them, i am just waiting for someone to develop a dsc package and maintain them in parrot

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #92

terminator is an awesome terminal emulator and i love it, but the mate terminal is way more flexible than it, and it looks better in the mate ecosystem, so i’m not going to replace mate-terminal with terminator

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #93

i have a backup of the old portal btw

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #94

qownnotes is probably the best solution out there, and it supports markdown syntax


i understand thanks, would it at least be possible to add terminator to the parrot security ISO installed packages ? we have like a dozen of GUI pentest tools that are not useful anymore and take like 1GB on the ISO, so i don’t think 3 more MB for terminator will hurt haha

i ask this because i have to download terminator each time i boot on live, it’s not practical.

EDIT : do you think removing the old GUI tools that takes a lot of place and are not used or updated anymore would be a good idea ? like owasp mantra, paros, skipfish ? i noticed that vega finally got removed

(dmknght) #96

Yah paros should be removed completely. It is super out of date and as i remember, it is previous project of Zap proxy.

(dmknght) #97

qownnotes looks good! Can’t believe i missed it (i searched for todo list few days ago)!!! Can you replace keepnote by this beautiful lady please? Please please please…


it’s tricky but qownotes already got replaced by keepnote on Parrot, the thing is that keepnote was removed but was in the “Office” category of applications, while Qownotes already installed is in the “Accessories” category of apps, maybe an error.

yea they say that zaproxy is a fork of paros, which was not updated since long time already. and skipfish has not been updated since 2012 (6 years), as for mantra-ff from owasp it’s very old too and is not recommended by its own developers because it’s unsecure (and all its features are included in the new firefox anyway).

about non open sources tool on parrot security, it’s a bit of a controversy on parrot, i see it like that :

if someone wants proprietary software (burp,maltego, steam, discord…) he should download it himself with flatpak or snap or apt w/e

Parrot would be much more cozy if there is no proprietary software on installation (we can’t do much about proprietary drivers for now unfortunatly… maybe one day), because the rest of Parrot stands on open source softwares.

if it were up to me i would remove all tools that are not open source (maltego, burp-suite…) but some users might still use that so… but i think someone a minimum serious about security/anonimity would not use proprietary software.

(Abdel Rhman Anter) #99

we all ready have list for good and bad tool , not about tools update or not


i don’t understand what you mean ?

(dmknght) #101

Update is not the only thing. If a tool hasn’t been updated, but it is still good and useful, it is good.
I think remove useless tools is a good idea. Correct me if i am wrong: There are thousands tools in the repository, but there are only less than 200 tools being used commonly (or at least have some useful features). As I see, our tool list is similar Kali list, which has so much unecessary tools.
For example:

  • We have sqlmap keep maintaining and being updated, sqlsus (last update was January 13, 2012) and sqlninja (last update was 2011). I can’t find any compare on google right now but i don’t think sqlmap <= sqlsus | sqlninja.
  • We have zap proxy, burp suite, paros and skipfish. As comments up there, Paros is old version of zap, and last update was 2006-08-08.
    There are more tools has no shortcut in menu and aren’t being used.
    Creating brand new Pentesting version, with shorter list will save huge resource, not only tools space but their libs and dependencies. The only problem: time and human resource. Creating useful tool list will take time… and new tool list can bring “why this tool is not in there by default?” questions. Script kiddies keep thinking there more tool OS has, the more powerful OS is; and Kali is the best pentesting distro. If our dev team has more support, we can beat other OS-es.


100% agreed, though i was sniping in priority the tools that take the most places on the iso and installation (graphical applications with ton of dependencies[the 4 i posted above take around 1gb with all the deps i think]), but yes removing the useless CLI tools would be good too for ease of navigating in the applications menu.

if @palinuro is not against it, i can make a list about what should be kept and what should not (not from my point of view but from logical view), we don’t need 4 tools to do DNS enumeration, 3 tools for intercepting traffic, etc.

i see no reason for Parrotsec to have the exact same packages installed as Kali, we are using their repo, we can use it effectively.