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(Nico Paul) #103

Fix root user?


Is Parrot 4.5 released already ?


(kld) #105

yes enable user root

(dmknght) #106

I’ve read this article: Linux Privilege Escalation – Using apt-get/apt/dpkg to abuse sudo “NOPASSWD” misconfiguration. Can anyone try on latest version of Parrot please? I can’t it right now.



doesn’t give me root on Parrot Home, tried both techniques, but maybe i did it wrong so try it when you can and confirm it if you don’t mind.

that’s why NOPASSWD is super risky

(dmknght) #108

Thanks! Looks like Parrot does not have configurations likes this article by default.


an addon suggestion for Firefox on Parrot, it looks great (by mozilla)

source code :

(Nico Paul) #110

No. We want to not do that. Why would you want to undo parrot?

(Nico Paul) #111

Patreon donors always get early access!!!

(Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers) #112

Parrot Security 4.5 released yet ???
Showing Parrot Security 4.5 in the Parrot archive.
When the official version will release ???

What is the difference between


I think First Party Isolation would be a better choice. The end result is the same, but FPI is automatic while MAC isn’t.


I have another one. The current kernel config does not have iwlwifi selected. There are 2 options: Either you set the Intel Wireless WiFi Next Gen AGN - Wireless-N/Advanced-N/Ultimate-N (iwlwifi) to “y” then you would need to include the intel firmware in the kernel src. Problem: this intel firmware isn’t exactly GPL software.
I would recommend the Gentoo compromise. Set the iwlwifi module + DVM and FVM to “m” in the config. In this case people could download their required firmware from intel hp and cp it to /lib/firmware where the module can load it.
Whoever writes the docs could simply link to

and the problem is solved. As you can see these are quite many intel wifi chipsets that would benefit from this solution. The fallback driver works, but has hickups - resets, lost connections and what pisses me off the most: no mesh support.


i don’t know, i’d rather choose manually what is contained rather than automatically so i guess it’s preferences based. also Firefox Multi-Account Containers is from Mozilla and has been tested while First Party Isolation is experimental and from an unknown user.

@99-0 is the user going to be able to use wifi that way ? because if from base install of Parrot the user does not have wifi because of the removal of intel drivers, and the user does not have wired connection, how would he be able to download the intel drivers ?

(Nico Paul) #116

This is not the place for this though, i will ask about creating a firefox thread for extension support and ideas user to user

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #117

please make a full list of these tools

we don’t ship keepnote with parrot, we probably did in the past, but it was more than 2 or 3 years ago.
p.s. qownnotes is pre-installed since parrot 4.3 or 4.4

burp and maltego are a standard of the pentest industry, and it makes no sense to remove them, as it would only damage true pentesters that use parrot to work

i strongly believe in free software and i tried 2 times to develop a free (libre) edition of parrot, and we even received some very useful tips from John Sullivan (exec director of FSF) but the projects were unsuccessful and neither the users nor the developers were interested in using or developing this fork, and we were forced to drop it down mostly because there is no hardware where to run it on, except some extremely old refurbished laptop or some very expensive and overpriced laptop that includes proprietary firmware anyways

an age of free software will come, but we need libre hardware first… meanwhile we need drivers!

for what concerns the security edition, we are not big enough to dictate the standards of what a pentester is supposed to use, and our team can barely maintain the current toolset by stealing almost all of it from kali and other projects. there is no chance for us to develop free alternatives of those few but important pentest tools that are propriatary or not 100% free.

you are right!

and as you said, we need more devs.

a parrot dev is not an enthusiast newcomer who studied a bunch of programming languages on his/her spare saturdays.
a parrot dev needs strong debian packaging skills, and no one seems to have them, and i am completely alone at maintaining packages!

root user is not broken

yeah, we are protected against this shit :slight_smile:

parrot 4.5 has not been released yet, you can see it in the archive because we gave early access to our patreon sponsors and to some beta testers, and we uploaded them early because we need some days to propagate all the new files to all the mirror servers around the world. it is a slow and bandwidth-hungry process that we need to do for every release in order to be able to support the download traffic of our users.

people who try to download the iso files before the mirror synchronization, cause our synchronization process to slow down, so please don’t abuse early access links if you are not intentioned to give useful feedback in time for the release.

feel free to submit a pull request or open an issue.
as far as i remember the iwlwifi driver is loaded dynamically via dkms or an external driver

(dmknght) #118

I’ve downloaded Parrot 4.5 home edition and qownotes didn’t preinstalled in this iso (in live mode). Can you check it again please?


i understand, and thank you for your comprehension about free software.

about burp suite, there is a same tool already installed that is open source and free called owasp zaproxy, so i don’t think burp is a necessity (i can’t speak for maltego though)

(dmknght) #120

Maltego is an unique application (and so powerful). About zap and burp, it is better to keep both of them. Burp is good, very good actually. I always remove zap proxy personally.
p/s: Rechecked! Qownnotes has been pre-installed. That was my bad.

(Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers) #121

Where is Release Notes For Parrot 4.5??

Through I manually added missing firmware for QCA9377 Wireless Adapter in the firmware folder aircrack-ng package can’t scan for WiFi around me in the monitor mode, Means monitor mode not working properly through I manually added firmware not prebuilded in Parrot Security OS. Previously requested by me.

(Hartley 94) #123

Is there any fix for AMD disorganized desktop ??