Parrot 4.6 Development Discussions

The Parrot Release Team would love to read your suggestions and ideas for Parrot 4.6.


This topic is not the proper place where to report bugs. Please open a dedicated topic to make a bug report.

We are not going to implement suggestions that involve drastic system changes at the moment, but we are open to listen to your opinions and ideas.


Simpler/easier installation tool, similar to the Ubuntu installer.

While ParrotSec OS is aimed at experience users, simple installation makes it the job less tedious and overall more “pleasurable” than compared to what it is now :slight_smile:


a better HTOP to kill process, more “visually” based and proper working

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You can use 'mate-system-monitor` to kill processes using a GUI.


Opensnitch es una buena opcion de seguridad
Copilarla si es dificil ,a diferencia de ubuntu en debian es mas complejo ya que
varias herramientas dependen de python 2.7 y opensnitch es necesario python 3.7

Pero ya se creo el paquete listo para su instalacion :flushed:


Instalacion .
** apt-get install libnetfilter-queue1 libnetfilter-conntrack3 python3-slugify python-pyqt5 libc6 python3.7 **

Imagen en parrot os

Darle mantenimiento seria cada ves que evilsocket actualize la herramienta
Codigo fuente >

I’d suggest downgrade marshmallow package, python pip to version 2.15.3 by default. It will fix HTTP 500 error of python-faraday. There are small issues of python-faraday in start script. Not sure this error is from our side or 3rd parties. We should wait for next version of veil. The newer version will fix setup error (metasploit path) by default.

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Can we also include nwipe? I understand one could simply use dd to acomplish this, but it gives more options such as the --autonuke option in case one needs to wipe something and leave.

maybe can you add in the grub menu wich version of parrot is it (home or security) for people which have multiboot, use home as daily and security for some test … please help us

I suggest removing oclHashcat and oclhashcat packages, as it gives Segmentation fault error, and have been moved to hashcat.

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Any reason we can’t add MAT2 over the current meta data anonymizer? (MAT doesn’t seem to be active anymore)

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I’d suggest aliasurldecode command in .bashrc. It should be very useful

  • Add in .bashrc
    alias urldecode='sed "s@+@ @g;s@%@\\\\x@g" | xargs -0 printf "%b"'
  • To use this command, users must give input via pipe
    For example:
    $ echo "http%3A%2F%2Fwww" | urldecode
  • Source:
    I can’t find similar for urlencode right now. Can anyone help me?

The ability to update drivers for the computer, more or less a way hardware check to make sure the drivers are updated and working properly, if not the option to update if needed… i.e. making parrot even more superior to other os’s ? Forgive me if this sound ignorant iam new to all this.

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Include Vim also, the current .vimrc is broken so it starts Vi not Vim

That is not true. .vimrc is vi / vim configuration file. I think vim wasn’t pre-installed.

Vim is not preinstalled, just tiny.vim thanks for the error catch.

So those are two different things (hardware diagnostics and driver updating) and it’s possible to have both but I’m not sure about a timeframe. I will add to our list to determine feasibility.

we should update parrot-tools, the linux kernel and the parrot installer


We can bring back conky as well. Currently we are having some style:

  • Black pearl conky based (modified by me, doesn’t work fully because firejail blocks ifconfig - monitoring network connection)
  • old classic style (must be edited)
  • Old conky panel with circles.
    Just suggest here
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hi. i use conky im my distro too - its nice tool: