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I am Waiting kde full link @palinuro

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Wait what? We are having Cutter now? That is so awesome


Yeah! That and DBeaver! I just stumbled upon them while poking around the 4.6rc ISO. No more BlackArch liveUSB for me. :laughing:

But seriously, this is awesome work. :smiley:

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Hmm dbeaver has been included for months as i remember. I am testing this cutter on stable machine and testing parrot 4.6 on vm right now. Hope we can fix bugs soon :smiley:

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  • Suggestion: gef plugin for gdb by default?
  • Request pre-installed ftp . It is useful for ctf and normally use (sometime)
  • enum4linux and samba wasnt in preinstalled list. Removing samba saves startup resource (startup service, open ports) but enum4linux is a common enumeration tool. Should we add it to pre-install list?
  • Firefox is having so much broken bookmarks (for example ). I think we should clean them in this release.
  • We are having duplicate tools: remmina vs vinagre . Both are remote desktop viewer client. I think we should remove one and keep one (i think remmina is better)? (We are having clawmail vs thunderbird as well)
  • Request: Remove vim-tiny and install vim by default. ( vim command not found )
  • It is better if we move radare2-cutter shortcut in menu from "Programming" to "parrot reversing" -> This shortcut is from Debian side
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Also , add
ollydbg && gobuster && python3-kivy pre-installed
And remove
dirbuster atom sandi

And in Firefox booksmark
Community have wrong link connected


just made encrypted persistent usb drive with the latest parrot security 4.6 rc4 using dd, a good job the developers have done :slight_smile:

on another note, i dont have a hdd anymore, i just use 2 x usb drives running parrot, ill never use windows again

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Thank You Buddy !!!
Parrot is the Best Debian Based Penetration Testing OS I have ever seen !!! (It has the tools which Kali sucks) :stuck_out_tongue:
Windows is also cool if you know how to hack the registry files to work in your own way you want :stuck_out_tongue:
Every time after new Windows 10 releases I try to customize (remastering & slipstreaming) and make it also best :stuck_out_tongue:


this isnt quite a development issue but most of the backgrounds in /usr/share/backgrounds are outdated now apart from the default macaw, would it be best to remove all of the old apart from the 1 default macaw ?


I think we should give users a wide range of choice. The wallpapers don’t take up much space in the ISO, so I think it’s best to leave them in there.

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@jasonb179, Yes smaller size is always the best things :heart_eyes:


they have been the same backgrounds in there from when i started using parrot back on 3.1, there outdated and the only one that gets updated is the default macaw, id rather have a better wide range of choice of wallpapers by deleting them all and adding my own


were not talking about the filesize were tallking about the wallpapers being old and outdated

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OK :stuck_out_tongue:
Then add your own wallpaper in your own distro as your wish :smile:

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Yes that’s right


one of several I created

(dmknght) #86

geoip-bin which provides geoiplookup was removed automatically after full upgrade command. I afraid it can be removed from default list in Parrot 4.6 so i’d suggest adding this package to pre-installed tool.

(Cristi) #87

please make fish the default shell or make it easier to switch. (right now fish_config and fish_update_completions are not working, a fix could be possible?)