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hi Lorenzo. when you add “show desktop” shortcut on the panel? ))


It’s already a part of Mate-DE you just have to add it to panel (right click>add to panel>find it>add it>Done!). Also ensure the option is enabled in dconf-editor.

(dmknght) #26

You conky looks great! I think make a script to switch conky configuration automatically (kinda like changing themes) is a good idea. It is always in my todo list.


i know. question is when it be added to pannel ))


What do you all think of incorporating a user-agent switcher such as this:

So that we can change our user-agent string quickly?


adding terminator and replacing the weird pre-installed vim would be great. i like being able to split pane, being notified and all, and i can’t stand the default green terminal with the multicolors prompt… having to apt update and install terminator each time i boot a live iso is tiring.

can you also add the firefox addon “Foxy Proxy” , it would be easier to use burpsuite and/or zaproxy


so useragent-switchers and addons like it actually make you more noticable to networks, this also why removed the change mac function from anosurf. Because its like shooting fireworks in a dark 3x3 meter room. If you’d like to protect yourself use anonsurf and the Tor browser on max settings; as disabling javascript is one of the few way to lessen your attack surface.

Currently there isn’t a comprehensive solution to the fingerprinting problem and half solutions actually make you vastly easier to identify. This is why the Tor browser is such a lifesaver on max settings you appear as just another windows user from afar.