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hi Lorenzo. when you add “show desktop” shortcut on the panel? ))


It’s already a part of Mate-DE you just have to add it to panel (right click>add to panel>find it>add it>Done!). Also ensure the option is enabled in dconf-editor.

(dmknght) #26

You conky looks great! I think make a script to switch conky configuration automatically (kinda like changing themes) is a good idea. It is always in my todo list.

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i know. question is when it be added to pannel ))


What do you all think of incorporating a user-agent switcher such as this:

So that we can change our user-agent string quickly?

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adding terminator and replacing the weird pre-installed vim would be great. i like being able to split pane, being notified and all, and i can’t stand the default green terminal with the multicolors prompt… having to apt update and install terminator each time i boot a live iso is tiring.

can you also add the firefox addon “Foxy Proxy” , it would be easier to use burpsuite and/or zaproxy


so useragent-switchers and addons like it actually make you more noticable to networks, this also why removed the change mac function from anosurf. Because its like shooting fireworks in a dark 3x3 meter room. If you’d like to protect yourself use anonsurf and the Tor browser on max settings; as disabling javascript is one of the few way to lessen your attack surface.

Currently there isn’t a comprehensive solution to the fingerprinting problem and half solutions actually make you vastly easier to identify. This is why the Tor browser is such a lifesaver on max settings you appear as just another windows user from afar.

(Saliver7SKy) #31

1- add Parrot-weekly builds
2- add kde full tools
3- Change wallpaper grup and screen boot To a new background It is old and does not keep pace with the development of the system
4- remove packpage old

(Ayucaba) #32

the integration of beef strike in armitage makes armitage freeze!! why?it would be good for the next release a fix

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #33

we are not ready for weekly builds, we don’t have enough budget for the build servers, and we have to improve our main backend for the downlaod archive (we receive more than 300 hits per second)

we are ready for it, stay tuned

done, upgrade the system and have fun :slight_smile:

working on it, we already dropped a lot of obsolete things

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(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #34

wrong place where to report it.

are you sure it is a parrot bug and not a software bug (proving that the bug does not happen on other distros does not imply it’s a parrot bug)

please open a dedicated topic in the proper section to discuss it properly with us

(Aurelien FAGNAHY) #35

could you includ in synap or by default freecad complet last version?

(Aurelien FAGNAHY) #36

and librecad also

(vladislav) #37

Fix Install Parrot from live apt issues or simply delete it from ISO, so people always choose default installer, instead of booting to live and run install from there.

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(Sean) #38

Support for AMD graphic cards (especially old one :smiley: )

(Saliver7SKy) #39

Add root user as default Because the system is not to play

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #40

Read Docs ,
Actually Useing Login as root is Self Disaster , And If in Security Version then very high risk

Just simple bit Example ,
Suppose You login as root && Doing Penetrating , Foe Checking Security && ofcourse for back connect You started Litsner

If somebody just simply connect , he/she get root power of your system without Resistance

Also there is many more problem. As root sometimes we breack system && sometime very dangerous :joy::joy::joy:

Best way is use sudo or move to Another distro if you want to use root default

Giving You my own Example ,

I am making one program & i live booted in Slax , that time i am cleaning files

rm -r $PathOfMyProgram/core/

Mistaken i give hit Enter at
rm -r $path/core

I lost my DATA :joy::joy::joy:,
2 evidence happened that make me all time to check that , i am not login as root

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(Norbert) #41

Can you please add PAM USB a module that allows the authentication of a user by inserting a token (a USB stick), in which a one-time password is stored.


lol no, sorry but that will not be happening ever. Please use kali if you want such a security risk.


including cad and builder tools really isn’t economical for the ISO size. But we will look to have it in metapackage in the future.