Parrot 4.6 KDE - Firefox slowness

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Issues with web browsing in firefox using Parrot Security 4.6 Security Edition. I haven’t done comprehensive troubleshooting on it yet, but wanted to see if other people were having this issue. When I try to use Firefox in it’s very slow. I don’t have the same experience with the 4.5 Security Edition - MATE desktop.

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Security 4.6

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type about:config into a browser window

i do apt purge firejail before i run firefox and i also set these to high which seems to help me as i dont need a sandbox

It would be nice to know what kind of machine you’re running on, remember KDE plasma has a lot of flashy(useless) frilly things and is one of the most resource heavily desktop environments. You can change some of firefox’s performance settings in its preferences on the General page under “performance”. Uncheck the default option a lower number of process (default is 8).

For me Firefox and other apps is working like cheese…

I am thinking your hardware is not strong enough.

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