Parrot 4.7 Development Discussions

The Parrot Release Team would love to read your suggestions and ideas for Parrot 4.7.


This topic is not the proper place where to report bugs. Please open a dedicated topic to make a bug report.

We are not going to implement suggestions that involve drastic system changes at the moment, but we are open to listen to your opinions and ideas.


beta images can be downloaded from

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What do you think about changing menu applications -> Parrot to applications -> Pentesting? I can improve menu a little bit if you want.

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A “wishlist” in no particular order for consideration:

  • Stacer
  • Laverna (can use remoteStorage)
  • A good note keeping/sharing solution like Turtl
  • personal organizer/PIM like Osmo (maybe something more recently updated)
  • Zabbix

@palinuro, I have one that isn’t really a bug but more a cosmetic issue.

When booting the live image on UEFI systems using 4.6, the Parrot Grub themeing is lost, replaced by a black background and a bright blue menu. It doesn’t affect the booting process, but it would be nice if we could get the themeing back for both BIOS and UEFI like we had in 4.5 / 4.5-1. :slight_smile:

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You may want to check out conky


Wasn’t there plans to reintroduce Conky as a preinstalled package? I think that would be cool to see brought back again.

There are users don’t want to lose their desktop space :sweat_smile:


I have seen some pretty cool Conky layouts (some pretty wild as well). I know some do it with manual editing the conf, but I believe there are a few gui tools to make it easier as well.

I am not sure if it can be set to only on a specific desktop like Desktop 1 for instance and not on 2-4, but that would be a good option to have IMO.
Examples of Conky

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We can’t add close source applications. And if applications are not something super useful, we may skip it. For conky, we are having cool configs but the problem is desktop space.
I’ll try adding open snitch firewall after I updated patches for some security tools.

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Please fix 4.6 x86 netinstall on 4.7 versiĂłn cuz theres an error with time and systemd, and you should check Astra Linux that do contain isolated modules and maybe you can sell a pro version like em. Cheers!

Hi. I think could be nice if it wouldn’t select the nearest mirror for updates by default. Also to add dnscrypt if it’s not there and to be able to change dns permanently in resolv.conf. Possibly add “Destroy os” option. Maybe add librefox, or some modification of it.

Should we add gnome-paint to preinstalled mate versions? I think it is quite good for editing pictures as daily use and pentesting. Gimp is a little overkill. Maybe there are better apps but i am a fan of gnome small apps already does it by default. you are served by the nearest parrot server when you resolve any of the parrot domains (yes, including now while you browse this forum)
and if you download a package from, you are automatically redirected with a http redirect to the nearest mirror server available in your country or region

I’ve seen this conky-manager package. It is like a theme manager but for conky. I think I’ll add template for parrot (a collection from members)

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Is 4.7 released yet? I just DL’d the image at and with the 5.1.0 Linux kernel I am no longer having issues with the onboard graphics on my laptop. Thanks! : )

Not yet, they are just beta images for testing.

hey so are you rolling back to use image verison 4.19.37 because i upgrade this morning and it is being downgraded

Ditto, would like to know what the hell is going on with this ASAP…

We had to downgrade because currently Debian simply isn’t ready for 5.1 and it has been breaking ParrotOS in many ways. Unfortunately there simply isn’t enough of us to fix all the bugs it caused atm. We hope to upgrade back to 5.1+ as soon as possible most likely this will occur as we switch to Devuan. More information to follow.