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well yes i kinda understand that but when i tried on my virtual machine it downgrade alright but when i reboot it still boot to the kernel version 5.1, so did i do something wrong

You can remove kernel 5.1 manually
p/s: kernel 5.1 may not removed during upgrade process so grub still choose the “latest version” which actually has the highest number

Please consider making ‘toram’ option accepting which folder should be loaded into RAM instead of the whole iso file.
You can find this (toram=FOLDER) option in Clonezilla’s doc:

I made a multiboot ISO with Parrot/Kali/Mint/Clonezilla (9GB in size), ‘toram’ was ignored by kernel because my PC has only 8GB RAM.

Here’s part of my isolinux.cfg

LABEL parrot
    MENU LABEL ^Parrot Security OS MATE 4.6 x64
    LINUX /parrot/vmlinuz
    INITRD /parrot/initrd.img
    APPEND boot=live live-media-path=/parrot hostname=parrot components noswap noautomount

LABEL clonezilla-ram
    MENU LABEL Clonezilla 2.6.1-25 x64 (Copy to RAM)
    KERNEL /clonezilla/vmlinuz
    INITRD /clonezilla/initrd.img
    APPEND boot=live live-media-path=/clonezilla toram=/clonezilla username=user components noswap noautomount edd=on nomodeset ip= net.ifnames=0 vga=791 locales= keyboard-layouts= ocs_live_run="ocs-live-general" ocs_live_extra_param="" ocs_live_batch="no"

Also here’s a similar question without anyone answered:

I’ll look into this.

Just a consideration for a package addition: Monitorix


I think remove vinagre from pre-installed software and replace it by remmina is a good idea.

Add custom config for root bashrc
In /root/.bashrc
add line

echo "No Need of login as root ,use sudo"

I always use conky, it shows me everything cpu, memory, hdd use, net up/dwn, kernel, well, most everything, I can share with parrot users my config file, you can chech here;

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I like that one

FYI - the 4.7 ParrotSec MATE iso download failed repeatedly through multiple access locations through the MIT mirror during the final 9 seconds of the download.

Found a little bug during installation of Parrot-security-4.7_amd64.iso (july 1st build). Installation process fails while copying data to disk just before the grub installation screen. Tried both standard installer and gui installer both gives same result and it boots upto initramfs screen.

It’s just me or anyone else faced this issue?

4.7 ISO for me fails to launch Libreoffice. I don’t think these ISO images are final however?

that issue happens randomly i guess (idk why but Libre okay for me in live mode). 4.6 happened like this: live mode is okay but it had issue after i install parrot into my disk

It is happening to me as well. I’ll tell our leader about it

Hey i just tried to update the system and it is upgrading the kernel to version 5.2, are we using that kernel now, i thought that we are having problems with that kernel

a new iso build will come soon with the latest linux 5.2 release, an updated mate version and some other important things

the latest beta5 release of parrot 4.7 works, and it is ready to be released.

we are waiting some minor fixes to be packaged, compiled and included, but the release development is ready!

you can download it from this link

the security image is bigger than expected because a post-installation script failed to execute and a lot of heavy and useless packages were not removed as usual, so the final image should fit again a 4gb usb drive as before


I think we can discuss about remove useless tools for saving storage.
We are having security issues from Firefox, KDE as well. Must be sure they are fixed

p/s: i remember i posted something about force firefox use light theme instead of gtk dark theme so form color is fixed. Did we included it?
I think we can update our parrot-skel (write default .vimrc globally as we discussed).

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@palinuro Trying to run different commands in the terminal, or even just using tab completion results in messages such as these:

bash: warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)
can't set the locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct

which results in a lot of clutter when working.

Can this get fixed before the final 4.7 ISO ?

Edit: I put the line ‘LANG=C’ into /etc/default/locale and this seems to have fixed the issue.

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