Parrot 4.8 interface and login update

i really love the new interface login screen and whate you’ve done with the mate menu its truly beautiful but may i suggest more wallpapers in the os and the ability to change the login screens wall papers thank you

You can change the wallpaper.

Open this file: /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf

and you will find the following line:


Replace the /etc/lightdm/wallpaper.jpg with the path to the image you wish to use as a wallpaper. :slight_smile:


That was for the lightdm-gtk-greeter that was in use in Parrot 4.8.1

Parrot 4.9 (and I assume onwards) uses the lightdm slick greeter.

So to change the wallpaper for it, edit the following file:


Find this line:


Change the /usr/share/backgrounds/login.jpg

to point to the path of your chosen wallpaper.

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with the new login theme you need to edit /etc/lightdm/slick-greeter.conf

this example is the default content of the file

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I’m assuming Parrot 4.9 and onward will use the slick greeter?

it does, give it a try

I just booted up the 4.9 ISO. Love the new look! Great job guys!

Is the parrot 4.9 out

And i thought the lock screen is changed because i was experimenting with different des :expressionless::expressionless: never knew it was parrot team behind the scenes :stuck_out_tongue: although love the new lockscreen. Thanks

More wallpaper -> more storage OS takes. Images must have HD quality -> you see the problem.

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hellow… (apt upgrade)means that if the system is 4.8 after you have ran the command it will update to 4.9…is this right?

Yes it also upgrades any other necessary components

thank you.i did it yesterday .why is parrot 4.9.1 looking like windows 10.?

in what way?

some processers tend to be slow. like if the machine is CORE I3 …you may end up blaming the OS but it is the machine…

4.9.1 OS MENU BAR is designed like that of windows 10.i have realized that this release is more functioning like windows. am using PARROT -KDE-SECURITY.

you should try it