Parrot 4.8_x64 install

I have successfully created a USB boot for Parrot 4.8 Sec 64 bit and can use in live mode but unable to install on to my desktop system. I have Win 10 already installed and working as per all the instructions I have seen for using dual boot and 200GB free space on the hard drive to install Linux. I get to the stage of “Installing the system” and it fails after 7% in all modes - live, Installer, and GTK Installer.

4.8 x64 Mate Security, Intel 3GHz

I tried all - Debian Standard / Debian GTK / parrot-experimental

Configured to multiboot with other systems? yes - that is the goal


You have free space on the partitions it is installing on?

BIOS options?

How did you partition? What do your partitions look like including free space/mount point for each?

Any other issues/info? Question doesn’t give us much to go on outside your computer specs and 7% completed…

We need a bit more info to decipher what could be making it fail.

You burnt the ISO wrong way. What did you use to burn it? and how?

It appears that the imaging to the USB drive was the issue. I am now able to get through the installation of the OS files however the next step of installing GRUB fails. My Windows 10 is using legacy BIOS mode and confirmed that my BIOS does not support Secure Boot. Does it make a difference that the USB was booted in UEFI mode but one selects “no” for UEFI installation later?

please try the 4.9 version, it closes a lot of unexpected behaviors in the 4.8 installer

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