parrot .4.9 seems to be having problem on my pc

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i installed parrot os 4.9 on a virtual box with my pc hp folio 9470m which runs on windows 10, i experience some problems running it . It gave me a warning message that this is not compatible with my pc that if i proceed i would experience some errors , and i proceeded after all the installation have been completed i notice i can’t browse and when i try to edit some system file it told me i’m not a root user even after using sudo psswd and setting my root passwd, so here are my questions. Should install a lower version of parrot os that maybe compatible with my system and how can i fix the connection and root problem . :woozy_face: :sneezing_face: please don’t mind my english.

You saw a warning message saying Parrot was not compatible with your PC?

Before installing, I would suggest running Parrot (or any other operating system for that matter) “Live” to test out the hardware.

If you have success running it Live and everything works (including internet), you should have no problems installing it.

Were all hardware drivers detected/installed?

What did you do to try to setup the internet? How did it fail? What was the error details while attempting to browse?

If you have more info to share you can find hardware/drivers using the inxi command. Be sure to read the man pages before use:

man inxi

It sounds like you were trying to edit files owned by root, under normal user privileges. Make sure to issue sudo commandname for every command you wish to run as root (such as editing root owned files).

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