Parrot 5.0 Tool List


Can someone direct me to where the current list of installed tools are? I have found some previous references in this forum but I am not sure if they are up to date with version 5.

Additionally, what are the current tool packages in the event I want to custom build my parrotsec box? e.g. installing the recon, exploit tools, but not the reverse engineering or crypto tools.


Hello. Currently not really as they are updated and added quite frequently. In the Security Edition you have a lot of them installed, the most common and used ones. If you are interested in having one category of tools instead of another, I recommend that you install the Architect Edition.

We have a thing called meta package. Feel free to discover things


But the meta package doesn’t show everything. For example, if you install metasploit, it installs nmap as well. Well, ofc you can find nmap in information-gathering but that’s 1 example of Dependencies of packages. Each package can have multiple dependencies so it ends up with a very huge amount of packages you have to install. If you install parrot-tools-full from home edition, you’ll notice there are so many infamous tools.

I see. Thank you!

On a related note, are there any plans to have gui’s for any of the tools?

Even a simple one like the anonsurf one is very helpful.