Parrot AMD64.iso File Issue On VMWare

Hi, I’m new to Parrot Security OS and attempting to download onto Windows 10 (home edition) laptop.

Virtualization is already enabled on my device. I visit the PS downloads page, tab to ‘Security’ click ‘Parrot Security MATE ISO’ and begin downloading.

I then have an AMD64.iso file (I’ve downloaded using both torrent and direct).

Next VMWare is opened and the path to the file is set up, however on doing so the following caution appears:

“could not detect which operating system is in the disc image…”.

In various video tutorials on installing PS I can see they link to an ISO disc, not a compressed ISO file (which is what I seem only able to download).

Now I guess my lack of knowledge and experience here may well be showing, but it would be a real help if someone can get me out of this fix so I can properly download PS and then install onto VMWare.

Thanks in advance.

Moderator, thanks for posting my request for help on that issue. Please delete as I have since solved matters by using Virtual Box instead.

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