Parrot and kodachi

Hi. I think parrot is a great distro in many ways. I was wondering if developers know about kodachi os. Parrot is much more stable and light at the moment, maybe it could benefit by including some of kodachi’s features and tweaks.Also including librefox could probably be a good thing.

Which features exactly, would you like to see implemented into parrot? :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably torify, tordns, dnscrypt, veracrypt and librefox. But It’s just a suggestion in case kodachi has anything that can be implemented, could be that it’s good without it.

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Tor is already in there although options not to use 14/9/5 eyes countries are not. (not that it gonna change anything if you are afraid of hackers)
Good things about kodachi are: vpns already implemented in one click with multiple providers, the tor over vpn setup, the tor dns option (I tested whenever dns crypt and other dns options would fall tordns would work during hours while other dns options would fall constantly because of my net or attacks against my net)… and the gui. The gui is way more intuitive and easier to work with than any other I have see besides maybe lxqt + xfce addons.
The typical gui with two bars, one on the top and one on the lowest part of the screen is horrible in my opinion.

The vpns included there are pretty random, some are openly logging, they would still have to be set up by hand. The gui is nice but not important, maybe it’s one of the reasons that kodachi is so slow and unusable now, also it has some bloat soft.

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