Parrot for daily use

Going to college soon but am looking for an ideal Linux OS to run. Just wondering how difficult it would be to use parrot os while in college.

TL;DR The home edition will work just fine in 90% of situations, and the security edition should be fine as well but is more specialized in its toolset and installed programs.

The home addition should have most/all of what you would need. Anything else could be installed after the fact or the online version could be used. The hard part is not if the tools and programs are installed (they should be), the hard part is getting used to the different workflow of running Linux as your daily driver if you haven’t done it before.

College is also a fairly big thing, IMHO, it would be harder to run Linux as a daily driver in college than in a professional setting. The main concern with college is that every class may have a different set of requirement, templates, or other debris you need. Some classes may require specific programs such as packet tracer or circuit modeling programs that are only available on specific OS’s. This in my opinion is the hard part and can be solved with simply running windows/OSX in a VM. It is an extra step though.