Parrot for Pi

It looks like the official Parrot OS Raspberry Pi builder is located on GitHub?

And the image builder is here

I noticed it would try to build Parrot 3.5 (very old build) if I had the proper signing key. Should I bother tinkering with anything or just leave this alone until a competent developer has time to work on it? I’m willing to assist in testing (on a 3B+), but I imagine any possible future focus would mainly be on the Raspberry Pi 4. My apologies for creating a Raspberry Pi post, when there are others. I tried the latest headless image for Raspberry Pi, but am having lack of knowledge issues setting up wireless from the command line. LOL

└──╼ $sudo make
set -e; sudo lb build 2>&1 | tee
[2021-01-07 14:37:28] lb build
P: live-build 1:20191221parrot1
P: Building config tree for a debian/parrot/armhf system
[2021-01-07 14:37:28] lb bootstrap
P: Setting up cleanup function
[2021-01-07 14:37:28] lb bootstrap_cache restore
P: Restoring bootstrap stage from cache…
[2021-01-07 14:37:28] lb bootstrap_debootstrap
P: Begin bootstrapping system…
P: If the following stage fails, the most likely cause of the problem is with your mirror configuration or a caching proxy.
P: Running debootstrap (download-only)…
I: Checking Release signature
E: Release signed by unknown key (key id B56FFA946EB1660A)
The specified keyring config/archives/parrot.key.chroot may be incorrect or out of date.
You can find the latest Debian release key at Archive Signing Keys

I see now that there has been recent activity on linux-rpi.

Parrot is, in my opinion, the best pentesting and security distro in existence. It may be a bit rough around the edges sometimes, but the developers work hard to fix any issues that users discover.

There are 3 platforms where Kali Linux has an edge: Kali Nethunter for Android phones, Kali for ARM devices (such as the Raspberry Pi, etc.), and Kali for older x86-based PCs.

Hmm we have only 1 member who handles ARM build but he is very busy right now so well… still pending.


Does he need help building a raspberry pi Image, or any arm/arch64 image to use ParrotOS with? because if he doesn’t have the time to I’d be happy to work on that with the other gentleman who also volunteered? With his knowledge my knowledge and the fact that an RPi image is in the works other people will probably want to volunteer that also know hardware microcontrollers sbc’s and Can help assist in making it a permanent section of parrot OS. If The gentalmen in charge of Arm Section would like some help working on this project I would like to let him know he can contact me I am interested in helping, Entail tried to give you a divine beast systemD ‘Less option if you want to?

thank you

I can help you set up wireless on the Rpi headless if you want do you have a way to chat live do you still need to help? Because if not I could either link you to a page that will give you the commands you need to put on the SD card before you boot or I can give you the commands you need to access over ssh into it from your computer right next to it not over Wi-Fi (obviously) but over ethernet cable until you get the Wi-Fi set up

Any help is awesome because we are still lacking of human resource. Please feel free to send an email to “”. I don’t handle that part nor other members so i can’t say anything. Better to have a conversation with the developer directly from your side :smiley:

Hope it come to ARM soon…

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