Parrot Got Corrupted after Ugrading

i have use the command sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, it corroupted my parrot os.
I installed it agian and i start updating it through the pop up message shown after parrot installation. It was unable to boot.
Now I am using it without upgrade.

Thanks for the report.


  1. Is it possible you shut the machine down before an upgrade was complete?

  2. Was this a major version upgrade? (has it been a while since upgrading?)

Hi Mark!

How do I upgrade my system?

First please, do NOT use apt-get upgrade . Because ParrotOS is a rolling distribution and how APT works, the command will cause considerable problems to your system. We don’t recommend apt-get in general as the command is not really meant for end-users. The following are the recommended ways to update your system:

  1. First method

Open a terminal window (default is Alt+T) and launch the following command:

sudo parrot-upgrade
  1. Second method

Open a terminal window and launch the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
  1. Third method

Open System > Administration > Package Manager (synaptic)

Then click on the button to update the packages list.

Click on the other button to select the upgrades and finally apply the changes.

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