Parrot has come so far!

Now we have a rolling release, a polished look, and more developers / users than ever. This is awesome!

  • “Install Parrot because of cool cyan theme”
  • “Accidentally get a regular dark theme with a bird background”
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Eh, I’ve found that it looks more polished now than it it did before. Sure, the cyan theme was cool, but it looked more Hollywood-ish and less professional. :smiley:

Honestly that was my situation when i installed 3.2 haha. Acutally having a theme with cyan text is not very bad. It looks smooth in my opinion


All I can say is THANK YOU for Parrot Security. In all the years I have used LINUX I kept switching distros looking for something missing. Since I found ParSec I quit looking. Awesome distro, great community, excellent project! Keep it up guys! =)


themes aside…i am so impressed by the work you (Parroters?) have done. this is a fantastic distro. over the past few years, i’ve run it on on little netbooks (when there was 32 support), work stations, my beloved old lenovo laptops… and finally just made it my daily driver - kinda - barring other work requirements, which I’m sure you grasp.
in any event, why not as a daily? it works. beautifully. AND the great tools i need and use… committed people. AWESOME. yeah there’s a hiccup now and again, but it’s linux and it’s debian and … enough already. it’s a breath of fresh air. thank you!

i am so very grateful for this team and community

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