Parrot home or parrot security?

Hello so i’m just asking because i am well new to parrot os in general and so i’m interested in well pentesting and hacking. but i’m also a pc gamer would getting parrot os home or parrot os security be better since ill get well the tools and such or would using parrot os home be better due to me being a gamer?

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Parrot Security = (Parrot Home + Pentesting tools)

You can easily use Parrot Security as well as Parrot Home. The only difference between them is You will get a lot of pentesting tools by default in Parrot Security but not in Parrot Home.
And I believe that Steam will perform exactly same in both of them.

well thank you for aswnering the question for me and how would parrot os compare to Kali linux and blackArch linux ?

You are welcome. Actually I’ve never used BlackArch, so I’m not sure about that. But I used kali. I moved from Kali because its quite laggy for me (my old laptop). Kali uses more GPU resources than Parrot does. In 2016/17, Kali mainly focused on Cyber Security related stuff but From the very beginning Parrot Os team not only focused on pentest but also try to make it as a daily drive useful os. Now Kali linux also trying to become a daily use OS. Kali linux Undercover feature is quite magnetic for me but

I think I will use Parrot Os A thousand years more :kissing_heart:

I use parrot os as my normal daily life use (as a CS student) and use pentesting tools only for FUN!

You may check Reddit, Slant or Quora

Well in terms of comparison it depends on what you are trying to compare

  1. Parrot got more tools than Kali. Parrot has its own Anonsurf and Kali doesn’t.
  2. Parrot is lightweight and more user friendly than Kali.
  3. Parrot has less computer specifications requirement.
  4. Parrot is faster and smoother than Kali

other than these, it complete depends on the user himself.

what about pentesting figures and i guess hacking figures does parrot security os have compared to kali linux?

ah what do you mean by pentesting figures?

oh i mean by figures that white hack hackers would use to well use to well test an sorta security flaws in the os and stuff like that or figures that hackers in general would use.

well for pentesting an os
you can use virtualbox
you can easily install that on parrot