Parrot in text mode

Hello, sorry if it is not the correct sector.

I want to know how it was done or if you can point me something to work, the text mode of the Parrot, only text mode.

Thank you.

To get back to gui, use startx

Thanks, but i want know to make the ISO live in text mode like it’s exist.

did you ever try at boot to choose the TEXT OPTION?
If you have already this option on grub/lilo the question look like pointless


I’m sorry, I do not know much English so maybe it’s not clear what I want to know.

I want to have a LiveCD or LiveUSB (LiveISO), with programs installed, customized, but only in text mode.

I already asked in other linux forums in general, but I was not successful. I came here in this forum because I saw that there is a text mode option on the Parrot LiveCD, so I thought someone could give me some insight on how to do a custom LiveCD in text mode.


Yes, thats true :smiley:

You dont want GUI (graphical user interface), just “terminal style” linux ?

ahh now it is clear :slight_smile:
ah ahora te intiendo

  1. first of all do you want a generic debian live cd or personalized one?
    i never try it this tool but look like useful for what you doing
    btw you should search for your answer grub/lilo live cd terminal mode (not text mode)