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ok ive used the parrot-install .sh on my stretch raspbian os an it works up untill i rebppt when i do that it loads to a cli how do i get the desktop enviroment and wallpapers tools an whathave you the tutorial dodt cover how it would look iun the end result

followedthe link to a t except im not installing on a cloud system i enstalled the embedded version

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Dude this is from what date? The arm image is still not cooperating with the build constraints but even if it were im sure like everything in parrot, something from 3 years ago will not even remotely work now. Always remember to check your sources and that they are current. Unfortunately with the armhfs builds they are experimental for a reason and a large part of that reason is we do not have enough volunteers to help with their production. also please post in the appropriate carefort for your topic.

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