Parrot Installation on Mac OS


Recenty, i have decided to try and dualboot Parrot OS (version 4.7) on my macbook but instead of my macbook partitions coming up, my USB paritions are showing up instead. I have used the Debian Standard method and I am trying to multiboot.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

are you sure you selected your drive not USB for installation?

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I burned the Parrot OS image onto my usb, plugged it into my laptop and then i selected to boot from the usb

You selected boot from USB? As in run live version from USB? Or installed onto usb drive? did you go through install process already? Did you install to a detected hard drive or USB persistence? Where are you in the process right now?

Your question is not describing what you are seeing/experiencing. Please be vivid and include as many details as possible.

I selected to boot from the USB. By that i mean i clicked “Standard Installation”. The USB had a burned verson Parrot 4.7. I have tried going through the installation process but when i tried to select my drives. Only my usb partitions came up even though i need my laptop partitions to show up. I installed Parrot onto a USB. I was in the process where you would partition your drives.

Hey Nxjre, this is a common issue with Mac duel boots. Check out this thread and let me know if the information there helps you out or if any steps detailed there give you problems.

Thank you for this! Is it possible if I could burn the Parrot OS image onto one of my partitions and then load up into that partition then do the installation from there?

Easiest way is to install from bootable copy like USB. Either try the guide posted by @mokeefe or if you have trouble, check out this alternative video tutorial on dual booting Parrot Linux OS with Mac OS:

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Short answer is, nope! :slight_smile:

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Long answer is

Have fun!

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