PARROT installation problems DUALBOOTwin

Hello guys
I state that I am new
I’m trying to install parrot in dual boot with windows 10
But in one way or another the procedure is not successful
All the fault of the boot grub

use parrot os full 64 bit 4.2.2

I followed several guides and the last thanks to which I almost managed to install parrot … I made a manual partition
dev / sda5 boot 500mb
dev / sda6 (if I’m not mistaken root) 50 gb
dev / sda7 home 100 gb
dev / sda8 swap 3 bg
(I manually installed grub in sda5 otherwise as I TESTATO would have installed grub in the MBR and would not have let me start more windows and would not even left grub)
he gave me the following error
“minimal bash like line editing is supported for the first word tab”
I tried to correct it but there is no way

Help me
you can tell me how to make a proper installation of parrot
without having problems with the boot
even if it is not easy
thank you so much

Hello,I got the same problem,do you find solution?

For one it seems extremely small so i would suggest starting with a larger HD. What are the hardware specifcations? I would guess you didnt change any of the BIOS settings.

Here’s how I did it.

Log into Windows 10 as Admin. Win key + R to run. Run “diskmgmt.msc”. Select the main windows partition and shrink it to the size you want, leaving unallocated space for Parrot. If you’ve already made a bunch of partitions just delete them. You want one block of unallocated free space. Note which block this is if you like, it’s probably sda6 or so.

You already got Parrot on a USB drive. If not, do that now (other guides exist for this).

Restart the computer, go into bios.

Bioses vary, but if you have Win10 you have UEFI. First, set a Supervisor password and DON’T LOSE IT. You’ll need it to get back into the bios ever again. With a password set, you can now to Disable Secure Boot while Enabling UEFI. Make the USB drive the first boot option, save and exit with the USB plugged in.

Parrot install will start. You’ll have the nicer gtk install option than with legacy. Set up language etc. as you like. When it comes to partitioning, choose “Guided - use the largest continuous free space”. It will select sda6 or whatever from before. Go ahead with that, Parrot installer will make sane choices.

When you reboot you’ll get the grub page and can choose Win10 or Parrot.

As usual YMMV but the key seems to be, enable UEFI and disable Secure Boot at the same time by setting a Supervisor password.

I have also the same problem please help me out

Hi. You need to provide more details, in any case you will find the answers in the documentation. This is an old thread. Dualboot with Windows - Parrot Documentation

This is not working