Parrot is fast and beautiful with xfce4

  1. Installation
  • Install xfce4 sudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin arc-theme moka-icon-theme xfce4-power-manager
  • Install software (optional): gnome-screenshot, gnome-software
  1. Customize
  • Change your theme to arc-dark, icon to moka
  • Disable (or modify) compositor setting in windows manager tweak
  • Modify panel
  • Add keyboard shortcut: TerminalEmulator, screenshot, etc…
  • Modify power-manager settings
  1. Why you should install?
  • XFCE4 is faster than MATE (My MATE still has delay)
  • You can make XFCE4 looks beautiful
  • For fun, for new feeling
  1. Why you shouldn’t install?
  • Lack of features, you have to install 3rd party software for better experiences
  • Lack of hotkeys, you have to spend time for this
  • Doesn’t supported by Parrot devs
  • Its performance is worse than other OSes (maybe) - Parrot is having compositor and so much application shortcuts (at least for Security OS version). XFCE have to load them all.
  • Lock screen is having issue
  1. My screenshots


Even though I basically had to do everything in your “Customize” list, a much easier way to install the desktop is to simply type in terminal:

sudo apt install parrot-xfce

Everything you need gets loaded and is fully integrated into ParrotOS. I’ve done so on all of my computers.

Overall, though, I agree!


How to Add Security Library of Parrot into this XFCE Desktop.All Pentesting Softwares??

you can install all tools by using
sudo apt install parrot-tools

Well, a light weight version that suits well for low end pc.
The gui is not so bad as well.
Can be turned into a pentesting lab with a simple command.
A wonderful thing developers did by bringing this to an official iso.