Parrot-kernel compile error

Hello everybody. I have problems with installing and running parrot-kernel. I downloaded source from, did a small fix in hid driver and tried to compile it and faced my first problem:

I’ve compiled kernel by doing this:
make menuconfig && make -j 4 && make modules_install -j 4 && make install -j 4

After that I’ve checked file list in that folder:

As you see there is no af9005-script.h, and if you check parrot kernel repo (, you can find that there is no such file either. Though that file seems to exist in official repo for a long time:

So it seems like it’s a missing file. I did my own fork with fix of that missing file and keyboard fix for my notebook (ASUS FX503VD):

After copying that file, I was able to compile and install kernel (also I had to solve some small dkms problems).
But when I try to boot it stucks at Loading ramdisk. I was looking for an answer but none came up.

Well I have managed to boot into compiled kernel, i disabled secure boot, and waited a little more than always and it booted! But when I came to check secure boot again it was enabled. Something is wrong with asus laptops…

Though the question about missing file still remains.

I also failed with getting something out of the kernel src. Even if you follow the instructions from the readme file in the debian folder the compilation stops with errors when reaching the built-in.a module. I would be really inetersted in a parrot doc “custom kernel compile” too. This “quilt patching against the upstream kernel” is a bit hard to understand for non native debianista, I have really no idea how to handle this and the debian wiki and manpages are not helpful.

Anyway I helped myself by downloading a src. Did my config thingy and ran
make-kpkg debian which creates a debian folder in the src.
make-kpkg -j6 --rootcmd fakeroot --cantremember --theflagsIused kernel_image compiled it, despite some warnings I got .deb that installed and runs.
I think, you shouldn’t compile via make & make_modules the result will crowd your your whole /boot partition and you can’t deintsall it via cli or synaptic-package manager. You will have to deinstall it by hand via rm -rf.
I am still very interested in a proper parrot-compliant howto.

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