Parrot kernel related problem after version 4.19

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I have parrot 4.6 already installed as dual boot in my Hp notebook laptop. It works fine till kernel 4.19.
After updating it to kernel 5.2 it doesn’t load up completely everytime stuck with cursor pointer and black screen.
During boot menu, i choose advance option and selecte parrot 4.19 again it works fine however the formal problem remains the same.
Then I download 4.7 parrot sec os with 5.2 kernerl version as default.
It doesn’t even load in live mode in my laptop.
kindly help

You checked checksum hash values to ensure download integrity of installation iso? Used a known and supported method like Etcher to create the install media aka usb stick or dvd? Sounds like a graphics issue but I don’t what hardware you have or if there were any changes that might have happened between 4.19 and 5.3 kernels that might have occured with respect to that category which may be the cause of the issue but I know there were many changes between kernels 4.x and 5.x.
Maybe try to install again? Alternately there is an experimental 4.8 iso in the parrot archive, I haven’t used it myself so I can’t vouch for usability but I would imagine it would have a 5.3 base kernel by default perhaps that may work where the 5.2 did not.

I think I should rather wait for official parrot 4.8 with kernel 5.3 as my parrot 4.6 with kernel 4.19 is still working.
I study pentesting as my minor in college therefor can’t switch to any other linux (doesn’t like kali much).
Tried ubuntu 19.10 with kernel 5.3 and it works like butter.
So, Thanks
Also I will look about the experimental 4.8 iso.

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