Parrot Live Problem

Hi, I created a key with rufus with an iso image of parrot, I tried to start it in live mode but the loading seems to work fine, I am asked how to start it, I select “Live” and continue loading, the Parrot graphic screen appears and then it stops working, the screen disappears and the live installation does not finish, are there any characteristics such as the amount of ram that the pc must have? I am currently trying to start it from a pc with 4 Gb of ram, thanks.

I’ve run Parrot off 4gb ram without a problem.

May be a problem with your disk/copy. Try reflashing using Etcher or dd.

If using dd command (booting from separate disk/Linux):

1st overwrite with random data (changing /dev/sdb to your disk name):

sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sbd bs=4M

Next use dd to flash the copy to your freshly overwritten disk (changing /dev/sdb to your device):

sudo dd if=ParrotVersion.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M

Be sure to change ParrotVersion.iso to the name/location of your downloaded Parrot image.

Or use Etcher.

Hi, I state that I have not yet had time to format with dd but I did a wiping and then I did a traditional format.
I then recreated the key with rufus (need to format mbr or gpt?)
and then retried the live installation, same problem, after some time in which the parrot screen appears, then it disappears, the black screen with the message “usb-2-1.1 device descriotor read / 64, error -110”
Does this message say anything about the problem?

Use etcher, don’t complicated yourself :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Hi thanks, I used the etcher tool, the creation of the usb is successful but the parrot does not start, I checked inside the key and there are very few files, a boot folder and an efi folder with 3 files in all, it seems strange.