Parrot Newsletter - August 2021

Parrot Newsletter

Welcome to the first Parrot Newsletter!
From now on you will receive periodically notifications containing news about ParrotOS.

What’s new this month?

New upcoming ParrotOS version

The next version of ParrotOS, 5.0, is going to be finalized soon. This version will be particular: It’ll be the first ParrotOS’ LTS version ever.

What does LTS mean?

Long Term Support - A lifetime policy which ensures to the stable version of a product the maintaining support for a longer period than the classic or unstable version. For instance, ParrotOS is a rolling release by default, this means frequent updates. If the OS isn’t updated, it can become outdated and potentially exposed to security risks. With LTS, ParrotOS 5.0 will be supported for a very long time.

New Forum Structure

Our main community place,, got a new fresh organization.

the forum is now organized into three main Categories:

  • Project
  • Support
  • Hacking Community

The Support category got the main huge change, let’s focus on this.

The category has been subdivided in 7 sub-categories:

  • Installation and configuration

In this section users can receive help on installing and setting up Parrot.

  • Driver and Hardware

Here users can receive support on hardware-related issues and questions.

  • Network

Here will be given support on any networking issues.

  • Tools and Software

Section for the largest part of issues that users can encounter.

  • Update

Users can get help when they experience issues while updating ParrotOS and/or its reporitories.

  • Virtual Machine

Section dedicated to ParrotOS running on Virturalization softwares.

  • Container

Support for ParrotOS running under Containers (e.g. Docker)

New Documentation

ParrotOS got a fresh new documentation available at Welcome to the Parrot Documentation - Parrot Documentation

It’s actually available in English, but we’re working on localizing it on Spanish and French! Do you want to contribute to Doc’s localization? send an email to

It’s divided in three main areas:

  • Introduction

This section includes guides about What is ParrotOS, its sysrem requirements, helping users choosing the best version suitable for them, and our contacts on social and our communities.

  • Installation

Here users can find everything they need for installing ParrotOS: Installation Media creation steps, ParrotOS installation steps (and even for dualbooting with Windows too!), VirtualBox procedure and QubesOS installation steps.

  • Configuration

Section dedicated to post-installation stuff: NVIDIA Drivers, AppArmor, APT management tips, and many other things.

  • Legal

Section containing our Privacy Policy and Warrant Canary.

New Website

ParrotOS is renewing its website with a fresh-looking and modern skin, made with react-static, typescript and material UI for the graphic appearance. It’ll be ready soon, so stay tuned!
Even the website it’s going to be localized in other languages, if you want to contribute, send an email to