Parrot on Surface Laptop?

Hello World

Currently having an issue getting the keyboard to respond during the installation process on my surface laptop 2. I want to install on main drive.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Sorry but i not fully understand your problem :no_mouth:
Yup if you wanted to tell keybord not working when installing
You should Go to install from GUi(stander)

Yes problem is attt password part😓

I think Keyboard driver not loaded
How you created Bootabel USB?
Use etcher for making Bootavle USB

The Surface line has very uneven Linux support; the SP4 and surface book still aren’t fully functional. Just want to make it clear that this is the manufacturer at fault and not the Parrot OS or the Linux kernel. :slight_smile:


Thanks for input. Just FYI, this link solved issue for surface :slight_smile:

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