Parrot Operating System Development Discussion

The purpose of creating this new thread is after coming across several posts from different users in past few months flooding the community with questions about same common errors, for instance the bugs like keyring & Apparmor/ conflicting with Tor Browser causing black screen Or issues like people unable to use vokoscreen because of ffmpeg, and common dns issues with anonsurf, just a few to be named.

This thread is created by keeping in mind that parrot users & the whole community as it is, will be able to interact with admin, Core developers & the rest parrot team, bringing the transparency with parrot users in full effect.

Few things to keep in mind :

  • Users can share their Ideas about how we at parrot team can make parrot environment as a whole - more better, more stable and more Amazing! Have any tool you think should included in next update? Drop a link to the source-code & we’ll consider it! Ideas for Better UI? Share it!

  • Reporting bugs & glitches are always welcomed!

  • Google is your friend when you run into some trouble. Before flooding the community, just perform a simple search about your issues & chances are your issue will be solved even before you login to the community.

  • Try to keep the discussion on point. A few nudges here and there are allowed while keeping the community rules in mind.

  • Before you create a new topic, search in the community using appropriate keywords related to your issue.

  • Make use of proper formatting for sharing your logs, errors, codes & terminal outputs. Its fun & makes it easy for other members to debug it with much more ease :

```bash (text, css and any other programming language works as well. each one allows different highlighting options)
echo "Hello World"
``` (end of code)
  • Name-calling, unnecessary use of profanity, ganging up on other community members, creating a toxic environment will result you getting booted off the community permanently within a blink of an eye. Flag the content you feel are appropriate or absolutely out of context, we will review it asap & decide what action shall be conducted.

  • Keep it clean, Keep it fun, Keep it tidy.

We Appreciate your involvement & We hope You realize we are humans too working on an opensource non-profit project where no one pays us to do our jobs, but we perform out jobs out of our sheer passion to make internet a safer, smarter and a better place.

You can help us by donating here Or Just your involvement with & helping other fellow members of parrot universe is appreciated.

:fire: Let The hunt BEGIN! :fire:


You should try to put transparency on the panels for more design options, some users like to personalize Parrot’s visual.

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I think update process should be dealt with during OS installation because it takes too much time after installing the system and then updating over 2gb programs etc.

Or you can provide user with an option before software installation regarding whether it should update during install or later. It will be much easier i suppose.

Preferably i install it using standard install in order not to come across any problem and i think it is faster than GUI install.


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That is a bug from apt of Debian. We know that (at least 3 months) but we are still tracking the bug. We think the bug is in https downloader.


You should try Duvian as base OS.

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we have some interesting plans for devuan in the future :slight_smile:


when will we get to see the stable version of parrot 4.8?

Xmas. Next xmas. That will be a gift.


303 days
7272 hours
436,320 minutes
26,179,200 seconds

Not a very helpful answer. I would like to know too…

the new beta7 seems more interesting and almost ready


sudo apt-get update is not working after the latest beta update

I dont like the current menu order, it looks very unclean!
Something like this would be better :grin:

Everybody has different taste. that is why the customize exists. We will improve menu, look and feel in the future by collecting user’s feedback.

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Devuan 3 is ready to go, so can you when will it happen :sweat_smile: and I just notice

parrosec/core:lts-arm64 based on parrot lts (devuan stable) arm64

I think what might be overlooked are the key issues of user experience, simplicity and reliability for a broad range of hardware.

If we take the example of google, minus their anti-privacy stance, they provide a good example to model, and i think adopting a simple experience like linux mint would be a great way to go, adopting very stable code and apps rather than the more complicated package managers like synaptic that are more prone to fail. Perhaps having a simpler more lighter resource desktop manager might avoid the bugs/crashes, sort of like adopting xfce apps when possible, but overall i think looking at the linux mint software manager and build would be a great idea, porting over infrastructure to parrot. Simplicity will drive far more users, testers and popularity

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hardware support is important, yeah. I’ve yet to find a distro that has the driver for my lenovo all-in-one computer’s wifi prepackaged, but it’s a small hurdle and Parrot Home runs great for a daily driver. I don’t do any pen-testing or anything but it’s a quick OS and the system monitor built into the taskbar is great.

Hey I just have a little bit of constructive criticism for anon surf… Nuke. Pave… The idea is amazing and I like it. The execution of this little bit of software never works and it ends up destroying network configurations more times than it helps obscure me from anything and the thing that’s the worst about it is that you don’t know what’s broken is it your DNS messed up or your IP configurations wrong did it give you the wrong net mask or something etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera… I just use proxy chains in conjunction with tor and socks five only. I mean they’re really easy to set up and it’s what I think professionals use if they don’t have their own kind of code or something I don’t really get that involved with it I think if you’re really need to lay low while being out in the open like that I just wouldn’t trust the brokenness of anon surf to be doing what I think it’s supposed to be doing and praying that it’s not misconfigured something and it just seems like everything is working right. You know whoever built it is a genius and they’re on point it’s just not a complete software package and with the bugginess of it it’s just always like that it’s just always bad at least that’s my experience with it it’s just always been for like 5 years I’ve been using it it’s just always screws everything up on your computer if you go into the anon surf tunnel Even when I shut everything off go back to normal DNS I still don’t have internet it’s still something still broken I don’t I don’t know what it is it’s like it requires a reinstall of the OS sometimes. So yeah I think that’s why Kali or BlackArch doesn’t have anything like this cuz you can just use proxy chains. And I know that black box has their own version of a non-surf but really what’s the difference when anonurf works what’s the difference between using proton VPNs free VPN It doesn’t use the same exact place in Sweden or something to route all its socks five through? I know I installed that whatever it is for back box on Kali and it was the same exact IP as the free VPN you can get from proton VPN. So yeah I’m not putting it down in any way but Anonsurf I think needs to be completely overhauled or maybe it needs to be configured to certain kinds of locals or something maybe that’s what breaks everybody’s stuff everyone’s DNS is probably different especially if you use your internet service providers DNS or recommended DNS you know or if you’re using some free Wi-Fi somewhere you may not have a choice on whose DNS you’re using so I think configs for the locales or something is probably what needs to be heavily looked into

IT should be fixed in latest version.

The problem could be firewall or routing rules or anything. It would be nice if we can debug it. From my side, i barely have problems with anonsurf.

Kali just created their layout last year. In fact, they used default DE and installed pentesting tools. They didn’t really support something like for users. That wasn’t their scope until now :slight_smile:

AnonSurf is NOT VPN. That is very simple. It is Tor transparent proxy.

Please read more about sock5 and Tor