parrot os can not detect network printer


the Parrot (5.0 Alectro Ara) kernel 5.16.0-12parrot1-amd64 Home edition installed on Asus. The problem is that OS can not detect the network printer Epson ET-8550 connected via ethernet.
In Print settings the [+Add] button is inactive.

How it is possible to connect the printer in this OS?

what is your kit, laptop or desktop?

It is laptop Asus UX305C, but the same issue appears on Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Not a problem I have come across before, but as your add printer button is not working, I would think this is a driver error not a laptop one, first thing I would try is uninstall the print driver package and re-install it,

Already did, nothing changed.
It could be also CUPS problem

I may be wrong but, I still think it’s a driver error, there are a couple of other tricks you could try that often work [but no guarantees]
first is whilst booted to Linux, press and hold down the power switch for 60 seconds [this will cause a hard close down of the OS whilst disconnecting the Bios battery and purging the capacitors, thus forcing a bios re-boot when you switch back on] this can cure a lot of connection problems caused by the bios.
the second, I don’t think will save the day, is whilst the printer is switched on, to disconnect the printer from its input’s completely and pull the power lead, again forcing a hard shutdown, and leaving it overnight again to purge the capacitors and memory of anything that may be causing a loop back.
If you’re into programming you may think these suggestions silly, but they do often work, if they don’t then its either a corrupt driver installation or possibly a problem with output permissions somewhere.[beyond my scope as a hardware man ]

run Hardware Lister from Parrot Menu to check if your printer appears in the list .

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It is strange as in case of Zorin and Fedora the printer set up authomatically. Whats different with parrot?

Actually, Parrot OS does usually detect the network automatically . There might be a different issue in your case .