Parrot OS crashed

Hello everyone i was doing some light hacking on a site using a tool called “Hack bar” and i used a simple script and then executed. Then my entire system crashed on me so i rebooted and checked the overall system i have and everything looks good. Now i went to start my parrot OS on my virtual machine, and it’s not firing up. Here are the error commands i am receiving currently and i am trying to figure out what is wrong at this time.

Error messages on start-up ???

(initramfs) _ on a black screen !

2021-01-10 06_23_58-Window|646x500

Check this site itll help you

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I’m sure it has nothing todo with plugins of firefox. Sometimes the partitions could have problems and that thing shows up. Debian could have this problem too but it is very rare. I think this is problem of runtime of Parrot OS. We still don’t know why and how and if there is any information we will try to debug and fix it.

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Okay thank you for clearing that up, i got my Parrot OS up and running and updated most of my tools and so on. But to be safe i won’t be using the hack bar plug in for a while until i know it’s a safe tool to use i will just stick with Burp suite and so on.

Thank you i will check it out.

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