Parrot os flashing to pendrive problem

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I need help with flashing parrot os to flash drive
(Live persistent boot)
When I boot to flash drive using NTFS, Rufus continues until 5% of copying iso then says “NTFS Fixup” then READY.
But when I try to boot the Parrot OS using flash drive, I find files are not complete.

  • ParrotOS iso in use
    Parrot OS Security Edition

  • Application used for flashing the iso


  • Logs/Terminal output
    (Don’t have them right now)

Hello. Do not use Rufus. Use Etcher, and read the documentation.

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Does etcher offer persistence?

Are you familiar with using VirtualBox? I use it to boot up various Linux distro ISOs and then install the Linux on inserted USB thumbdrives (virtual hard drive not required). 100% of the resulting bootable drive is persistent. You can even use LUKs encryption.

Technique doesn’t work on VMware Workstation.

Unfortunately not. For the persistent partition I recommend you to check mkusb, it is a very interesting software.

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