Parrot OS for Android?

Hello, all. I’ve been trying to find a way to install Parrot or Kali on my tablet, a SM T510. I can’t find a good source of information, so I thought I’d try here. Is there a way to get a full Linux OS install on an ARM64 device? A way that doesn’t include use of a VNC (I do not consider VNC use a full install, I don’t understand why others do). Also, does anyone know where I can find a good guide for android kernel installation? I can’t find anything that looks reliable.
Thanks for the help. I know this isn’t an Android forum, but I see ParrotOS users as being pretty sharp, and figured my odds of getting decent information here were good.
Thanks again.

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I think all “Linux” installations on an Android device require Chroot. Unless you buy something like a Pinephone or librem 5. I’ve never had the fortune of using Kali Nethunter due to inability to root my make/model of tablet and my phone being under warranty. But I believe Nethunter does Chroot and VNC (or ssh). Not sure as there are images to flash specific devices and then the Nethunter App Store. I’d like to hear more from someone else who knows more. I’m stuck using Termux/Andronix on my devices (with chroot Kali).

Here’s something fun for you. Apparently there’s an unofficial port of Ubuntu Touch for your model phone. I have no experience with Ubuntu Touch, but it would be cool if it was able to use ARM64 pentesting packages. Most phones need an external USB adapter to enter monitor/promiscuous mode for Wi-fi hacking.

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Thank you, Masmer. I just saw the Ubuntu Touch today. I will check on it and let you know about the tools. I was able to run some limited Kali tools on my tablet, but Nethunter is built so that it will not use the internal wireless card (pretty f’n dumb, if you ask me). However, I was able to do some packet sniffing outside of Nethunter, so it is possible to get wireless capabilities including monitor mode on android. I’ll let you know what I discover.

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Kali has Nethunter which can be installed with out root or rooted access to the device. Which is a shame considering how good of an OS Parrot is.

Yeah, but Kali Nethunter unrooted doesn’t have wireless capabilities, or HID, or USB. My device is rooted, but not supported. I’m currently trying to build a nethunter kernel, but I’ve never done anything like it, and progress is very slow. But, I’ll get there. Any advice is appreciated.

Kali Nethunter has a full force of developmers behind it. I love Parrot it just doesn’t have the backing Kali has. I mean the NSA backs Kali FACT. SO if you use kali be aware your steps are seen. But to the point.

Download Termux from google store. If you have root access you can install Nethunter with it & have total access to your android device.

Thank you for that. It was the most epic Android installation experience I’ve ever had. F’n LOVE Linux. Since you seem to have the best answers, I got one more for you: Can I build and/or modify an Android kernel from within Android? and is there a way to mostly automate it? (I’m a kernel noob. I get the theory, but compilation seems to be outside my grasp atm.)

Thanks again for the help. Awesome stuff!

I get what you mean about NSA backing, but it almost seems like some things, such as porting nethunter and kernel building, are meant to fail as an exclusionary tactic, and only those with Jedi-level programming / CS skills can actually make any of it work. Or maybe the intent is more nefarious, eh?
Anyway, thanks again.