Parrot OS For Raspberry Pi 4


I recently found out that the Raspberry Pi 4 image is under construction. Is it possible if anybody could give me an ETA of when this will come out?

Thank you!

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I am sorry this post was not attended to earlier :frowning:

I just spoke with Parrot Devs, Arm team is working on getting it finished. I will make a post when I hear/see anything ready and update this post so you get a notification :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!

Any release date ?

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No doubt there will be a post when estimated release time is known :wink:

Waiting for the offical release for a long time…

so, no body know have a aarch64 for RPI 4?

Has anybody got any updates on this yet with the 8gb pi this would be awesome

Hate to spoil the party kids - but wit the Pi 4 8Gb comes a new “Raspberry Pi OS” - a 64 bit OS!

It’s in Beta now - but it will also support “proper” full speed SSD over the USB3 for Booting the Pi4 - Yes. The Future is here! :wink:

After many years of deliberating they Pi-guys finally capitulated and releasing a 64 bit version…

Is there any updates on this topic ?

Hi - just checking in on this. Any timeline on a release? Thank you.

Just check in too. Was curious how close this is in being released. I’d be willing to test a beta release too.

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Hey you guys I got a raspberry pi 4 and I wanna use it to learn hacking but I really know nothing but I just wanted to ask if I have to download linux with parrot os or would I be good with just parrot os for now also I think the raspberry pi came with noobs do I need that