Parrot OS freezing during shutdown

Hey there !
I recently dual booted Parrot OS with my windows 10 and literally amazed by Parrot’s interface and working.
It was all working fine until I met with a problem and that problem seems to be really annoying.
The problem is that when I try to shutdown parrot (from terminal or from shutdown option) the laptop freezes nothing responds. Just the screen is on and nothing else.
I don’t know where the problem is. I have searched on google and many say that it’s nvidia problem, I have amd graphic card and when i try to lspci -v nothing shows up.
Can anyone tell where is the problem and how to solve it ???


Release 4.0 64-bit
Kernel Linux 4.16.0-parrot5-amd64 x86_64
MATE 1.20.1

PROCESSOR : Intel® Core™ i3-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz × 4
GPU : AMD Radeon R5 M330

I dual booted parrot with a booted or live usb

Plz Help :frowning:

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Hi , i wanted tout know if you had some answers because I have the same problem… It’s really anyoing…

Many of these issues were solved with the 4.2.2 release of Parrot and those with AMD graphics cards also recieved support that solved some issues like these. Can you make a new post and fill in the information in the automatically generated template? We need more information in order to know which troubleshooting steps to take

having the same issues with release 4.2, with an nvidia gtx 1050 gpu, 16 gb ram, i7 7700. tried install solo, dualboot, on ssd, hdd and still no difference. any ideas would be appreciated.

also things stop working if i do apt-get update and upgrade, like the mousepad and sometimes the sound…

Apt update and apt dust-upgrade are what you need instead of the older and differently privileged apt-get. Is this a desktop? Try not to “hijack” or “necro” another post so that you get the template that will ensure we have the critical information as soon as you create the post, and it also ensures a higher volume of traffic for those who may answer with a solution.