Parrot OS gives "no such device" & "unknown file system"

Hello there, i am new to linux world. I found parrot OS and installed it on my laptop today but it is giving me error when it boot up:
no such device and unknown file system
I tried searching for solution but none has worked so i thought why not ask for help here.

So i watched a video on youtube where it showed how to install it along with windows 10. (Dual boot). I have one 250gb ssd (only windows one partition) and one 1Tb hdd(one partition all my data). What i did was use partition software to create 105gb partition from my 1tb hdd (unallocated) and then select live boot from usb then from there install through gui installer. It asked where i wanted to install and i chose second option which said Replace a partition and then selecting the partition i created earlier (105gb). Everything went smooth and i booted windows it worked great then parrot os it too booted succesfully no issues. But after i reboot from parrot os i faced this issue. No such device.
I am able to still boot in both window and parrot os by restarting my laptop and pressing esc key which shows me to choose my os. At this point if i select windows it boots successfully and if i select parrot os it also boots successfully (dont know how) but when i reboot then it goes to the grub error message of no such device. Here is the screen:
boot device selection screen
Also one more thing here is it shows parrot os with ssd while i installed parrot on hdd?

And heres some info i took
harddrive details taken from parrot os terminal

When in grub rescue when i type ls and select hdd and partition all of them shows same unknown file system error. (I think my os is installed in hd1 and partition 3 but i dont know its what i understand from internet). I used etcher to burn usb. And i also reinstalled it using same procedure and still getting same error.
Should i switch to Kali linux?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

this is because the efi is on ssd that means grub-bootloader has been installed on ssd

this means you did not select the correct partition during the grub rescue

if you are into doing the installation process again, here is how you do it on a dual drive
on ssd you can keep windows
on hdd, make a partition of your size for say 105gb unallocated.
open bios put boot priority to harddisk
then go with the installation process.
this time do standard installation not from live.
and from there install it
make a /boot/efi partition of around 500mb and rest as per your need on that 105gb partition.
then for the grub, you may want to install it on hdd, install it on hdd and then after successfully booting into parrot make sure you run sudo update-grub there you should see windows boot manager as well
then you can do anything

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