Parrot OS Gnome Panel

Somehow I broke my panel,


Instead of the usualy bottom bar with a button that showed all applications (kinda like Windows)
There’s a button that goes to the desktop
And in the top bar instead of showing MATE System Monitor it shows nothing.

What version of Parrot are you running? 4.7, Mate
This problem started today, (after 1+ week normal use)

The bar’s got gray, without buttons. So I pressed right mouse button, and I resetted the panel.
What happend is a know, but how to fix what happend… I really don’t know that!

I’m having a hard time understanding what the question is. Are you saying you were able to fix it, but want to know how to preven it from happening agian? Did you download mate repos or change anything? If you go to MATE Tweak, click panels, it should give you an option to save everything. That’s what I did. Not sure how to retrieve it though?

Yeah not really sure what you want. There are a couple of threads on the forum about the panels, try searching and seeing if you find your answer.

You can add stuff to the panel by right clicking on it, and going “Add to Panel…”. There you will see a list including ‘system monitor’, as well as ‘Workspace Switcher’.

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