Parrot os high ram usage that causes a hang

Hi , i have a problem that has been happening for a while, my pc randomly hangs , at first i thought it was my node js server causing it within vscode but then i checcked my ram usage using htop, it showed
6.5gb usage out of 7.5gb (8gb ddr4 ram), i have a swap of 0kb according to htop,
when i reboot it goes back to normal, but after a while it goes back to high ram usage and automatically hangs(force reboot is required) ,i saw on stackoverflow that “To fix this problem I have found that you need to set the following setting to something around 5%-6% of your total physical RAM, divided by the number of cores in the computer, sysctl -w vm.min_free_kbytes=65536” i am not confident in doing that so i wanted someone trustworthy to write the command for me.
Processor: intel i5-7200u @2.50ghz
Memory: 7.6gb of RAM



vscode could make random memory leak. I have 32gb ram PC and it eats 80% ram

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I knew it !!! My observations were true! Since it “coincidentally” always happens while I coding!

AFAIK, default vscode is lightweight enough (not the most lightweight code editor, ofc) to use. However when it uses syntax check plugins, the ram usage can be really huge depends on runtime and other conditions.

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