Parrot OS icon help

So I love the parrot os icon theme, easily my favorite. That’s why when I needed to use Ubuntu mate for school, I figured I’d rip out the icons and install it onto my Ubuntu laptop. So I did, but half of them don’t work, they are either named wrong (according to ubuntu mate) or are in the wrong folder (according to ubuntu). Does anyone know the icon pack they used? I know it is maia but I can’t find a straight maia or one that is even close to it. Its not a big deal, I just have 17 days until I start college and I don’t want to get into anything big so I figured tricking out ubuntu mate to look decent and parrot-y would be a good project. I have like 80% right I just cannot figure out the last 20% and it is bugging me now. Thanks for any help with this minor annoyance.

TL;DR: Do ya got a link to the original parrot icon pack aka maia, but like real maia not the ones that I found on the gtk2 themes sites like the exact same as the parrot ones.

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